Action ALERT: Critical Committee Hearing Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3:15pm in the afternoon in the South Hearing Room, the Senate Government Oversight is scheduled to hear HB86 for all testimony.

As you’ll remember, this is the same legislation the Ohio House passed last week to fix the mistakes made with the passage of House Bill 228.

With the March 28th deadline approaching, gun owners need to keep the pressure on our legislature to ensure that this bill makes it to Governor DeWine’s desk for signature.

If we aren’t successful at passing this bill and getting it signed by Governor DeWine (by the deadline), many common firearms like the AR15 will be classified as “dangerous ordnance” and open gun owners up to felony charges for possession!

So please contact the members of the Senate Government Oversight Committee and your own state senator right away and urge them to vote YES on HB86!

Thank you for standing tall for the Second Amendment!

For Freedom, 

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners