Addressing the falsehoods about OGO

As you saw in our email yesterday, the Republicans on the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee voted to adopt the weakening sub-bill to HB227, the Ohio Gun Owners Constitutional Carry bill.

But now they’re beginning to realize the vulnerability they have in future Republican Primaries if anyone steps up and challenges.

That’s why they’re calling, emailing and texting people all over Ohio, trying to spin the truth about what they did.

And they are straight-up lying about it.

Just a short while ago, we were made aware of a phone conversation that occurred between an OGO member and Government Oversight Committee Chairman Shane Wilkin after the vote on the watering-down sub bill.

In that conversation, Shane lied about our proposed Constitutional Carry bill, and gave false and terrible excuses to justify his and his fellow Republican committee members’ votes to weaken HB227.

The fact remains that the Republicans on the House Government Oversight Committee voted to maintain the current practice of outlawing self-defense in Ohio churches unless a church specifically authorizes it.

And they voted to limit what tools you can defend yourself and your loved ones with when carrying under a CHL by preventing Ohio from moving to a Concealed Weapons License.

And they voted to continue banning citizens from being able to transport a loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle, even if they have a CHL!

That’s why I made a short video debunking their lies line by line, so that you would know the TRUTH when you interact with these politicians. Watch the video here:

They hope by spreading these falsehoods that they’ll get away with stabbing gun owners in the back.

But OGO doesn’t play a short-term game, and we never forget.

That’s why I’m asking you to take a few minutes and watch my videoand then share the video with everyone you know so that they know the truth about what these Republicans are trying to do.

We’ll be back with more later.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners