URGENT: I Need Your Help Right Away!

We have an urgent update on Constitutional Carry for you and I hope you will take action immediately. 

Representative Al Cutrona was just added to the House Government Oversight Committee this morning — in Andrea White’s place. As the new Vice Chair, he is ACTIVELY WORKING to weaken Constitutional Carry! 

Republican Members in the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee are likely to vote on this when they get back from recess in just TWENTY MINUTES!

We need to HAMMER on these people immediately, while we still have the time. Call AL Cutrona right now at (330) 502-3486 and tell him to pass HB227 immediately with no amendments!

(OGO is hearing that Cutrona is literally impersonating a pizza shop when gun owners call him! This number is correct so call/text him repeatedly and have your friends do the same thing.)

Then PLEASE call and text these Republican committee members and demand that they pass HB227 during today’s Government Oversight Committee Hearing with ZERO weakening amendments:

Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz – (513) 382-8281
Majority Whip Don Jones – (740) 391-5025
Assnt Majority Floor Leader Rick Carfagna – (740) 972-8719
Assnt Majority Whip Stacey Cindy Abrams – (513) 266-2599
Speaker Pro Tem Tim Ginter – (330) 692-2049
Committee Chairman Shane Wilkin – (937) 402-7650
Vice-Chairman Andrea White – (937) 321-1813
Committee Member Phil Plummer – (937) 478-5367

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners