Stand Your Ground Bill Introduced!

I’ve got some great news! First of all, your emails from yesterday urging Ohio’s House Republican Leadership to stop fast-tracking HB354 through the committee process seems to be working, as they pulled it from Thursday’s committee agenda. (For more information about the perils in HB354, please see the email from yesterday below) This is good news for now, but we cannot stop pounding on them, not for a moment! So

Deadline TOMORROW: Has Your State Rep Cosponsored Stand-Your-Ground?

“Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.” It’s a popular phrase, but the truth is we need one now more than ever! That’s why I’m so happy that Representatives Candice Keller (R-Middletown) and Ron Hood (R-Ashville) are introducing Stand-Your-Ground legislation for Ohio Gun Owners’ members and supporters! The bad news is, Site, the deadline for your State Representative to add their name to this bill as a cosponsor ends

Action ALERT: Husted and DeWine ATTACK!!

Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted launched their official attack on our gun rights last Monday, and it is bad. Gun-control radicals in our legislature and across the state are overjoyed, giddy that “Republicans” are buckling to their pressure and introducing gun-control bills they couldn’t dream of getting passed in Ohio. Democrat Senate Minority leader Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) praised them, saying “I’m encouraged by Gov. DeWine’s message

Details: The Terrible Truth Behind HB123

“Chris, what this bill (HB123) would do is simply take what parents used to do for kids and have government fill that role.” I couldn’t even believe the stark, honest truth had escaped his lips. In fact, had I been taking a sip of the coffee I had in my hand at that precise moment, it probably would have spewed everywhere! But that’s what State Representative J. Todd Smith told me

DeWine Attacks: SEVEN gun-control bills announced for Wednesday hearing!

When Mike DeWine said in early August that he intended to capitalize on the blood of the innocent victims murdered on August 4th in downtown Dayton, we believed him. His decades-long political career prove just how horrific he is when it comes to gun rights, with votes to allow gun-control organizations to sue firearms manufacturers, his joint-effort with Dianne Feinstein to re-institute the Clinton Gun Ban, and more! And now

2019 Gun Rights Rally Recap, and SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!

If you didn’t make it to the rally for our gun rights today at the State House, you missed out! It was a great chance to get together and send a loud and clear message to the politicians in Columbus, like Mike DeWine, that we aren’t willing to compromise even one millimeter when it comes to our Second Amendment rights! Attendees got to take their pictures with firearms and flags,

Fake News ATTACKS!

Gun owners like you and thousands like you all across our state are rising up and telling our legislature “HECK NO!” to Mike DeWine’s Bloomberg-backed gun-control agenda, and the gun-grabbers are FURIOUS! That’s why the radical left is deploying their lieutenants in the media to attack Ohio Gun Owners, in the hopes that we’ll “back down” from this fight. But backing down isn’t an option for you and me, nor

Statehouse RALLY: Save the Date! (September 14)

Mark your calendars and clear your schedules, because we’re holding a RALLY at the Statehouse on September 14th! I would love it if you could be there with some of your friends and family. Ever since only a few hours after the Dayton shooting happened, gun-control militants have been on the warpath against gun owners like you and me. And with everybody from Beto O’Rourke telling America that if he’s

DeWine moves to pass Feinstein-enhancement of Federal Gun Owner Database

Yesterday at 10:00am, turncoat Governor Mike DeWine and now-shameful Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted held another press conference in which they announced to the media (it was a “media-ONLY event”) their plan to pass more laws in the wake of the Dayton, OH murders in early August. This round of new laws is designed to massively expand Ohio’s data flow into the Federal Gun Owner Database known as the NICS system.

When offenses come...

Ohio Gun Owners exists to represent and intercede for our membership — folks like you — to the political class in Columbus and across our state. We fight hard to advance pro-gun legislation, we fight ruthlessly to defeat the left’s America-hating gun control agenda, our loyalty is to our cherished Second Amendment freedoms and our fealty is to you, our members and supporters. We don’t exist to serve the political class