BFA Attacks Pro-Gun Congressman!?

You can’t fix stupid, so Buckeye Firearms Association is at it again.

This time, Buckeye Firearms Association is targeting Freedom Caucus member and verified pro-gun Congressman Warren Davidson (OH-8).

Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) is attacking Congressman Warren Davidson for co-sponsoring H.R. 8167 in Congress, which would ELIMINATE the taxes on firearms and ammunition, bows and arrows, and for transferring and making firearms.

Sounds ridiculous? Yeah, we thought so too.

So right now you are probably sitting there thinking to yourself, “just how on this glorious green earth could anyone that claims to be pro-gun be opposed to that?”

And you know what? That would be a perfectly logical question to be asking.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

BFA is attacking Warren Davidson because they believe the bill he cosponsored, which will eliminate taxes on firearms and ammo, will cut off the tax-and-spend revenue streams that fund the pet projects they want to be paid for by federal tax dollars, like the shooting ranges in Spring Valley and Delaware, OH.

Yes, you read that right.

They are attacking Ohio’s top pro-gun member of Congress because their pet projects mean more to them than the freedom that is stripped from your wallet every time you are taxed to buy the tools that secure our freedoms (firearms).

Specifically, BFA is furious and livid that HR8167 would jeopardize the levels of tax revenue funding that comes from the Pittman Robertson Act each year that can be used by ODNR and sportsman’s clubs on pet projects around the state.

Now before we go further, we love shooting ranges more than just about anyone we know (except maybe you).

And when Ohio Gun Owners first started in 2016, our headquarters were IN Spring Valley near the range and we could hear the sound of target shooters firing away at their targets from our office desks.

But this isn’t 1995 anymore. And the 2nd Amendment sure as heck isn’t about target shooting or hunting deer or funding pet projects – it’s about maintaining the ability to keep tyrannical government in check.

Outright Lies

BFA published an article on July 6th, in which BFA’s executive “director” Dean Reek foolishly stated that HR8167 “would scrap one of the most successful programs in American history.”

But Reek’s statement was 100% false, as anyone who can read will quickly see that HR8167 would NOT cease Pittman-Robertson Act funding.

So, knowing Congress is in session this week, OGO reached out to Congressman Davidson’s 2nd Amendment legislative staffer to confirm what we read in the bill.

Congressman Davidson’s staff confirmed and replied:

“While this legislation removes excise taxes from firearms, ammunition, bows, and arrows, it does not eliminate Pittman-Robertson. Because excise taxes currently fund conservation programs under Pittman-Robertson, these fund(s) vary year by year. The RETURN our Constitutional Rights Act of 2022 provides a steady stream of funding – $800 million per year – from unallocated oil and gas lease revenues on federal lands. This will allow conservation groups to have a better annual projection of funds, thus allowing them to better plan uses for those funds.”

For the purposes of comparison, the Pittman Robertson fund averaged $751 million dollars a year in distributions to state conservation and various pet projects between the fiscal years of 2015 and 2019.

So HR8167 increases the 5-year average between 2015 and 2019 from $751 million to $800 million, removes excise taxes on firearms and accessories as the source of those monies, and replaces it with unallocated oil and gas lease revenues so that our Right to Keep and Bear Arms is no longer subject to federal taxation.

So why on EARTH would Buckeye Firearms Association be attacking Ohio Republican pro-gun Congressman Warren Davidson?

Political Hookery

Because Buckeye Firearms Association wants more federal pork dollars.

In the last several years, record numbers of Americans have bought firearms and related items as a natural reaction to what citizens have witnessed as a tyrannical governmental power grab during the shutdowns.

Because of that boom in sales, a record $1.5 billion dollars was distributed from the Pittman-Robertson Act program, and BFA doesn’t want their “sportsman’s club members” to miss out on that potential in the future.

What a total shame and sham Buckeye Firearms Association has become under Dean Reek and lazy Rob Sexton.

To state the obvious, OGO is 100% in support for eliminating federal taxes on gun s and ammo at the expense of other federal pork projects, because we work day-in and day-out to replace the chains of slavery with freedom.

Why? Well, we’re just like you.

Taxation IS theft, and taxing guns and ammo is taxing a Constitutional and human right, no matter WHO benefits from the theft.

For Congressman Warren Davidson, cosponsoring HR8167 took conviction, it was the right thing to do, and so we applaud him standing firm for gun owners in Congress time and time again – especially when pretenders and frauds in the gun world like BFA attack him.

And lest you think that Congressman Warren Davidson acted alone, let me put your fears at ease.

Reading the list of co-sponsors that Warren Davidson joined on HR8167 is like reading a who’s who list of the most pro-gun members of Congress, people like Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, Greg Steube and Matt Gaetz from Florida, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry from Pennsylvania, Chip Roy, Louis Gohmert and Ronny Jackson from Texas, Lauren Boebert from Colorado, Mo Brooks from Alabama, Congressional Second Amendment Caucus Chairman Thomas Massie from Kentucky and dozens more are on the list.

Sadly, lot of foolish people are comfy with the chains of slavery and making deals with politicians… something Buckeye Firearms Association knows all too well.

Here at Ohio Gun Owners, the 2nd Amendment and Article 1, Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution are limitations on government.

It isn’t about sporting clubs, deer hunting, trap shooting or doing the bidding of “industry organizations,” either, like the “firearms industry trade group,” the backstabbing National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

In fact, the NSSF was the ONLY organization in America to outright support Joe Biden’s Bipartisan gun-control deal in Congress in late June, giving cover to Pelosi, Schumer, and nearly two-dozen RINO traitors to pass that %$#@ into law.

And now, thanks to the NSSF’s support for Joe Biden’s gun-control agenda, OGO’s battle to defeat Red Flags here in Ohio will be much, much harder going forward.

Ironically, Dean Reek, Executive Director of BFA, signs off on their email with, “Yours in Liberty.”

Problem is, to people like Dean Reek and his FUDD friends, their definition of “liberty” is total bullshit, because they have no problem taxing our birthright as Americans just as long as they get their piece of the pie.

Here at Ohio Gun Owners, we know that our nation is in a full-blown culture war, one being started by the Radical Left that, if they are allowed to win, they will destroy every vestige of our culture that makes America the greatest nation in human history.

That’s why we fight without apology, without compromise and with no-holds-barred (politically speaking).

If you believe as we believe, I hope you’ll join with us today.

Not only will you be part of the battle to restore our gun rights, but you’ll be on the front lines of securing freedom for generations to come.

And to sweeten the pot, during the month of July every Liberty level membership and higher qualifies for a free t-shirt and membership decal.

Never surrender. Never back down. Never quit.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners