This might make all the difference

Negotiations between RINO traitors and leftist losers in the Senate are taking place RIGHT NOW!

This is an all-hands-on-deck fight.

Rob Portman is actively and publicly screwing gun owners like you and me right now and we’ve got to fight back!

Because if we don’t, Portman and the rest of them will think they can chip away at our freedoms without any political consequences.

So whether you haven’t sent your email and made phone calls to his office yet today, or if you’ve done it all, I want to encourage you to keep pounding that email link and make Portman’s phones glow red all day, every day.

>>> POUND Portman’s Email Inbox! <<<

This is the gun fight of our time and it deserves everything we can give.

Please read our email below and take action right away – freedom is on the line!

– Rob

Dear Christy,

Today is Thursday June 16, 2022 and this is your daily reminder to absolutely hammer Senator Rob Portman’s email inbox and flood his congressional phone lines with your calls.

Not running for reelection, Rob Portman has traitorously announced his support for Chuck Schumer’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation in the US Senate.

Don’t let him get away with it!

>>> POUND Portman’s Email Inbox! <<<

And then call Senator Portman’s Ohio and D.C. offices, telling him not to let his last action in Congress be as a lowly dog that stabs the very people who elected him into that office in the back:

Please also consider a donation right away to help us force multiply and put MAXIMUM pressure on Rob Portman for the Benedict Arnold-betrayal!

Stay frosty, and stay FREE, Christy.

~ Team OGO