BREAKING: DeWine Endorses Mike Henne’s Gun-Control Bill?!

In an alarming break from his campaign stump speech where Gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine usually claims he supports the Second Amendment, DeWine reverted back to his US Senate Stance and stated his support for gun-control Saturday afternoon.

We’re open to anything that is reasonable,” said DeWine when pressed by Ohio Public Radio’s Andy Chow!


What does “reasonable” mean?

Web, this is where it goes from bad to worse.

I’m sure you already know that Ohio Gun Owners has been trying to get Candidate Mike DeWine to fill out our 2018 Candidate Questionnaire.

In fact, Friday afternoon I went to the Dublin Pub in downtown Dayton to one of DeWine’s campaign events to ask him to sign it myself.

Of course, DeWine’s bodyguards and campaign staff promptly booted me out of the event.

But I know that gun owners want answers to the questions that are on our candidate survey, so I waited outside and asked him when he came out.

His response?

Watch it here.

Perhaps even more alarming than his refusal to talk was the person spotted at his event supporting him. . .

. . . none other than the SPONSOR of the gun-control omnibus bill (HB585) himself, Representative Mike Henne!

That’s right, Representative Mike Henne, the author of the biggest gun-control bill gun owners across Ohio face right now, is putting his trust in Mike DeWine.

So when Mike DeWine said he’s “open to anything reasonable,” we can all safely bet he’s supporting HB585, the due-process destroying gun-control bill by Rep. Henne.

Web, this is an important message that needs to get out all across the state of Ohio to gun owners!

With the polls opening in only hours, we don’t have much time, so please do two things.

First, please share this article or email with everyone you know that is pro-gun.

In the US Senate, DeWine joined Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein to bring back the Clinton Gun Ban, sponsored a Universal Background Check bill and more.

Now, refusing to go on record and fill out the Ohio Gun Owners candidate questionnaire, he’s reverting back to his old self, promising to support gun-control.

In other words, if he wins the Republican nomination, Mike DeWine is getting ready to go full-blown John Kasich on us.

Please spread the word about this treachery.

Second, urge all of your friends to storm the polls tomorrow when they open up and vote PRO-GUN!

We’ll be sending out our updated district-by-district voter guide later this afternoon, but you can take a look at it right now by clicking HERE.

Web, this is our chance to hold gun-grabbers like DeWine, Kasich and Henne accountable!

Don’t hold back – please vote PRO-GUN in tomorrow’s Republican primary!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. To find out who is pro-gun in YOUR state representative and state senate primary elections, please visit our 2018 Ohio Gun Owners Pre-Primary Candidate Survey Results page.

Please forward this email with your pro-gun family and friends, too!

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