BREAKING: National Gun Registry to be Introduced in Congress Next Month!

It’s open season on gun owners in America!

As we learned from his press release last weekend, Joe Biden is 100% committed to banning the possession of the AR-15 and hundreds of similar rifles in America, as well as the magazines that are needed to run them.

But he’s also determined to create a list of every single gun owner in America, using ‘Universal Background Checks’ as the foil to get it done.

In fact, multiple sources are telling Ohio Gun Owners that Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats will be rolling out their ‘Universal Background Check’ legislation in the next few weeks!

What’s more, we’re being told that the legislation that will be unveiled will be a mirror image of H.R. 8, that gun registration bill that passed Congress in 2019. That’s especially dangerous, because almost a DOZEN Republicans supported that bill!

We can’t sit back and wait until this bill is filed to start taking action; gun owners need to be FLOODING Senators Brown and Portman (along with your Congressman) with calls and emails against this legislation NOW!

Nancy Pelosi and her allies are counting on gun owners like you and me to sit this one out, to believe the lie that ‘most gun owners support this legislation.’

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, I don’t know a single gun owner in Ohio who is ok with the idea of giving Joe Biden and his Department of Justice a list of every gun owner in America -– and that’s exactly what this bill would do!

There is only one reason why Joe Biden and the radical left could want this data, and we all know what that is, they intend to use it down the road to confiscate our guns!

There was a time when people would scoff at that, claim that we were creating a crisis to get people riled up.

But those days are gone.

Beto O’Rourke was the first one to say it publicly, but these America-hating socialists have ALWAYS planned to confiscate our guns.

But they can’t confiscate what they can’t find. They know that, and that’s why passing this national gun registry is their top priority!

Send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL against this legislation NOW!

Understand that if you don’t fall for the first trap (that every gun owner supports this legislation already) than Pelosi and her allies in the FAKE NEWS media are going to try another.

“You have to support ‘Universal Background Checks,’” they’ll say, “it’s the only way we can prevent violent criminals from accessing firearms.”

Don’t fall for this, it’s a complete lie! Background checks simply don’t stop criminals! Don’t take our word for it, look it up for yourself!

>>> The Parkland, Fl killer passed a background check and then killed 17 people in 2018;

>>> The Sutherland Springs, TX killer passed a background check and then killed 26 people in 2017;

>>> The Las Vegas, NV killer passed a background check and then killed 60 people in 2017;

>>> The Orlando, Fl killer passed a background check and then killed 58 people in 2016;

>>> The San Bernardino, CA killers passed a background check and then killed 14 people in 2015.

I could go on and on. The Charleston, SC church killer, both Fort Hood, TX killers, the Washington Navy Yard killer, the Oak Creek, WI church killer — every single one of these monsters passed a background check and then went on a murder spree!

Oppose Biden’s national gun registry — send your email TODAY!

But for gun owners who haven’t fallen for their earlier tricks, Biden and Pelosi are hoping that the ‘grandfather clause’ will lull you back into comfortable complacency.

You see, this legislation will apply to all future sales. It does not apply to the guns you currently own. What’s more, there’s a carve out for transfers between immediate family members.

But this language is a trap. You see, Joe Biden and the radical left are playing the long game. They know there is no way to just swoop in and register every gun in America. But if they can’t register yours, they are more than happy to register the next generation’s guns.

And, in reality, those carve outs would disappear too, the minute there is another mass shooter after the implementation of this law. Either way, the grandfather clause is a clear trap.

We must stand up and hold the line! For ourselves, for our kids, for America! So send your email to Congress today!

The time for hoping for the best is over. Our enemies are very publicly saying that they are here to register our guns and disarm as many of us as they can, so they can turn our beloved country into a socialist disaster.

Ohio Gun Owners is already preparing radio and TV ads, in anticipation of the floor action that will be coming very soon.

Help us get ready with a generous donation today!

Whether you can give $5, $50, $500 or even $5,000 as several of you recently have, know that we need it and it’s going immediately into our digital and media programs where it will flood Ohio’s Congressional delegation with calls against this bill!

Either way, send your emails immediately, that’s critical.

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Insiders are reporting that Joe Biden will have his Congressional allies introduce a national ‘Universal Background Check’ bill in as little as two weeks!

This legislation won’t stop a single criminal but will give the radical left what they have always dreamed of, a list of every gun and gun owner in America!

Send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to Senators Brown and Portman (and your Congressman) and insist that they oppose this terrible legislation!

Then donate to Ohio Gun Owners so that we can roll out a massive radio and TV ad buy to flood Iowa’s Congressional leaders with calls opposing this legislation when it gets to the floor for a vote!