Buckeye Firearms Association attacks OGO: OGO’s Response!

We never picked this fight.

In our battle for freedom and our efforts to protect, preserve and advance our gun rights, we wish for nothing more than to have a unified front among the gun-rights groups in Ohio.

That’s why Ohio Gun Owners is proud to call people like Chuck LaRosa, Gary Witt and Doug Deeken at Ohioans for Concealed Carry – which is Ohio’s ORIGINAL gun rights organization – our friends.

Sure, we may have disagreements with them every now and then, but we talk things over and work things out like adults are known to do.

But when Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) attacks Ohio Gun Owners and the good work our members do to protect gun rights in Ohio, that desire for unity gets chucked right out the window and all bets are off.

You see, when Buckeye Firearms Association first penned an attack against Ohio Gun Owners in 2017, we immediately reached out to them and requested a sit down at a coffee shop of their own choosing so that we could clear the air and get along.

Buckeye Firearms Association REFUSED our attempts at peace, and instead increased their attacks on OGO.

It was bad enough that they attacked the good work OGO was already doing in the early days after we got started.

But far worse (in the few short years of OGO’s existence) have been the total betrayals of gun owners by Buckeye Firearms Association.

In those few short years, BFA has endorsed some of the worse Republican gun-control proponents in the Ohio General Assembly, ran interference for the politicians in Columbus and actually AGREED to watering down and gutting huge portions of gun rights bill before the legislature!

No, they’ve never apologized or repented to gun owners.

And that’s totally unacceptable.

More than anything, Ohio Gun Owners exists to represent our members’ rights and demands to the politicians in Columbus.

But with Buckeye Firearms Association, they exist to represent the politicians to gun voters, and by doing so they put the POLITICIANS in charge.

Quite frankly, BFA has totally bastardized fighting for gun rights.

So when they take to the internet or their website to attack Ohio Gun Owners and the good work this organization and our membership has done, we fight back.

That’s why I hope you’ll watch the video I shot yesterday detailing their latest attack and our response to it.

Again, this isn’t the first time that Buckeye Firearms Association has sold gun owners out in order to play patty-cakes with the politicians in Columbus, and we doubt it will be their last.

But we’ll be danged if they are allowed to take free swings or make unanswered attacks on gun rights without us weighing in.

For more videos we’ve produced detailing their treachery, please watch:








For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners