Due to the sheer number of OGO members and supporters absolutely BOMBARDING the Governor’s main phone line, DeWine and his staff have shut off the phone completely.

Even worse, the answering machine is directing folks to the Governor’s website contact page, where they likely are trying to harvest your contact information.

And they won’t even let you leave a message!

Don’t worry – OGO has a few options up our sleeves:

Call the Governor’s hotline and key staff members in his office — DIRECTLY:

>>> Governor DeWine’s Hotline: (614) 644-4357

>>> Michael Hall, Chief of Staff: (614) 629-8201

>>> Joshua Eck, Lt. Gov. Husted’s Chief of Staff: (614) 644-9570

>>> Dan Tierney, Press Secretary: (614) 466-6242

>>> Jason Hill, Director of Constituent Affairs: (614) 644-0932

>>> Anne Vogel, Director of Policy: (614) 466-5585

>>> Aaron Crooks, Director of Legislative Affairs: (614) 644-6141

To see the full list, go HERE.

We don’t like it when “public servants” aren’t being so public about their service, and we certainly don’t want DeWine or his staff thinking they’ve pulled a fast one on OGO!

Because don’t forget, ole’ DeWine is supposed to work for you, so don’t let their disaster of a public input system deter you from taking action!

Call the numbers above and KEEP FIGHTING!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners