Constitutional Carry Clears First Hurdle

Yesterday afternoon in room 115 of the Statehouse in Columbus, Constitutional Carry took its first important step.

Ohio Gun Owners’ bill sponsor, Rep. Ron Hood, gave “sponsor testimony” on H.B. 201 and introduced Constitutional Carry to the members of the House Federalism Committee!

As I sat there to witness it, I realized we are a ways off from passing Constitutional Carry into law.

But I also knew it was the seminal motion of a massive engine of organized, mobilized gun owners across Ohio that will ultimately lead to passing it!

You see, gun owners are relentless.

We are going to pass Constitutional Carry into law in Ohio – it’s only a matter of how many failed, anti-gun political careers have to line the gutters of Ohio history before we do.

That is the way they’ve done it in the states that have already passed it.

And that’s what we’re working our tails off to do here in Ohio, too.

As Rep Hood talked about Constitutional Carry, I heard one of Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action fanatics whisper to her friend, “but how will the government know who has a firearm?”

I nearly couldn’t believe it.

I could’ve told her afterwards that the government isn’t permitted by the Constitution to maintain such records.

I could’ve told her the government already doesn’t know which violent criminals have firearms.

In fact, I could’ve written a book for her right there on my laptop, but it wouldn’t have helped.

The reason why is because most of Bloomberg’s radicals know exactly what they’re trying to do by passing gun-control or blocking pro-gun reforms:

They want you, the law-abiding gun owner, disarmed.

One of the committee members asked Representative Hood yesterday, “why don’t we just pass a law and ban all citizen ownership of firearms to solve this gun violence problem?”

Representative Hood responded, “because if you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.”

Action Item:

Now that Representative Hood has completed the sponsor testimony, the next step is scheduling “proponent testimony.”

Proponent testimony is the time for pro-gun advocates and those in favor of Constitutional Carry to make their voices heard!

So please take a moment right away to contact Representative Kristina Roegner and ask her to schedule proponent testimony on H.B. 201, Constitutional Carry!

You can call her office at: (614) 466-1177

You can email her at: [email protected].

▶▶ Sample Email Language ◀◀

Dear Chairwoman Roegner,

Thank you for taking the first step and holding sponsor testimony on H.B. 201 by Representative Hood, the Ohio Constitutional Carry bill.

Ohio Gun Owners informs me that the next step is to schedule proponent testimony, so I’m emailing you to ask you to please schedule proponent testimony for this important pro-gun legislation.

Constitutional Carry is sweeping the nation as law-abiding gun owners stand up and take back their Right to Keep and Bear Arms without government permission.

In fact, thirteen states now have Constitutional Carry law, and I would like to see Ohio become the fourteenth.

Please schedule proponent testimony for H.B. 201 as soon as possible.



When you have finished, please click “forward” on this email and send it to 5 of your friends, real OR on Facebook!

Thank you for standing with us and helping get Constitutional Carry this far!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Constitutional Carry (H.B. 201) cleared the first committee hearing yesterday when Rep. Ron Hood introduced it to the House Federalism Committee.

Now it is time to get it to the next step: proponent testimony.

Please read the email above, and when you are done, contact Representative Kristina Roegner and ask her to schedule proponent testimony on H.B. 201!

You can email her at: [email protected], or you can call her office at (614) 466-1177.

Thank you for your help in getting Constitutional Carry this far!

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