Constitutional Carry PASSES Committee!


The Senate Veterans and Public Safety committee just voted along party lines to HAMMER out Constitutional Carry (SB215)!

In fact, this is the first time that Constitutional Carry has ever passed an Ohio Senate Committee in Ohio HISTORY!

But we aren’t letting off the gas: the next step is a full, Senate floor vote.

And the only thing standing between now and that happening is the Ohio Senate Republican leadership team.

As you’ll remember from yesterday’s email, the Senate is in session tomorrow, and there is a chance that this bill will be brought up for a vote.

But if we are going to make that happen, it is critical that we keep the momentum going and the pressure to pass the bill white hot!

Just like in the House, Senate leadership meets to decide what bills make it onto the floor for votes, and so I need you to melt each of their phone lines RIGHT AWAY urging them to put SB215 on the floor!

Senate President Matt Huffman – (614) 466-7584

President Pro Temp Jay Hottinger – (614) 466-5838

Majority Leader Kirk Schuring – (614) 466-0626

Majority Whip Rob McColley – (614) 466-8150

Finance Chair Matt Dolan – (614) 466-8056

Finance Vice-Chair Theresa Gavarone – (614) 466-8060

I hope you’ll also take a moment to send a pre-written message to each member of Senate Republican leadership too, so we can be applying pressure from every angle!

Send your Email HERE!

The Senate meets in less than 24 hours, so I hope you’ll take action NOW!

If we can get this bill back to the Ohio House quickly enough, we might be able to get the bill all the way to DeWine’s desk in mid-January!

Ohio has waited long enough for these freedoms to be restored.

Don’t let up!

For Freedom,

Political Director
Ohio Gun Owners