Ohio ALERT: Const. Carry MOVING in the Senate!

This is an OGO Breaking News Alert!

We just got word this morning that the Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee has scheduled the Senate version of Constitutional Carry, SB215 by Sen. Terry Johnson, for a vote TOMORROW at 2:30PM.

This bill is on the fast track, so you and I need to act quick!

The full Senate is meeting on Wednesday and with this committee vote taking place tomorrow, there’s a strong possibility that the Senate may pound this bill out and send it to the House before Christmas!

This is GREAT news for Ohio gun owners!

Let’s face it, SB215 was dead in committee until just two weeks ago, with zero movement whatsoever.

But now that gun owners like you and me have successfully pounded the House version, HB227, out of the Ohio House, and have set our sights squarely on the Ohio Senate, they know they have to move SOME Constitutional Carry bill or else!

That being said, just because this bill is slated for a possible vote doesn’t mean it is a done deal, and we need to get every single YES vote on this bill from the politicians as possible, because we cannot afford to look weak and give DeWine any reason to veto the bill!

We need to send the message to DeWine that he better not dare veto the bill, because there are more than enough votes to overturn his veto and ram the bill into law through legislative override!

Victory is within our grasp – please help us by taking action NOW!

Like I said before, this ain’t over until it becomes law, so we gotta give this fight a FULL SEND – everything we’ve got – all the way to the end!

So keep sending your emails to your State Senator demanding that they do their jobs, help bring the bill up for a vote this week, and vote YES on Constitutional Carry!

If you’ve already sent an email, send one AGAIN

And share the action link with everyone you know to help us get as many people fighting for freedom as possible.

The progress we are making right now is massive – don’t let up now!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners