Constitutional Carry update from the Statehouse

Usually we upload our video and send it out to you independent from Facebook, but because of the lingering issues from the Facebook ‘outage’ on Monday, we are not able to do that right now.

But you can check out my Facebook live video from the Statehouse right after the committee hearing here.

In case you don’t have Facebook or don’t want to use it – here’s the recap:

Constitutional Carry (SB215) sponsored by Senator Terry Johnson was brought up for its 2nd hearing yesterday in the Ohio Senate.

I was there on YOUR behalf to tell the committee members to do their jobs and restore our Constitutional rights!

I had a very positive conversation with Chairman Hoagland of the committee on the possibility of Constitutional Carry passing his committee.

But if the situation in the House on Constitutional Carry teaches us anything, it’s that we can’t take any chances!

That’s why I’m asking you to take action by HAMMERING the Veterans and Public Safety committee to keep moving the bill and do their jobs by bringing it up for a vote!


And don’t let up until the job is done.

If we are going to become the 22nd Constitutional Carry state, we have to dial up the pressure to the boiling point!

And that’s what your emails to the whole committee will do.

So please check out my video, and then take action IMMEDIATELY!

For Freedom,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Ohio Gun Owners