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As you know, House Bill 228 is in the Ohio Senate, awaiting committee assignment at any moment.

As written, HB228 does a couple of good things, but it leaves so much on the table when it comes to much needed self-defense reforms in Ohio.

It doesn’t provide immunity from prosecution for citizens forced to use a firearm for self-defense, it doesn’t establish a pre-trial immunity hearing so that gun owners aren’t drug into court, and it doesn’t establish the act of threatening force to deescalate violent situations.

That’s why I’m asking you to take a moment to email the Senate President, Larry Obhof, and ask him to amend HB228 with amendment #2865!

With the media and gun-control groups already labeling HB228 a “Stand-Your-Ground” bill and already attacking legislators for supporting it, NOW is the time to pass a full-orbed self-defense overhaul!

Amendment #2865 was written by Ohio Gun Owners in conjunction with Ohioans for Concealed Carry and Ohio Carry, and has wide-ranging support from the membership of Buckeye Firearms Association as well!

Amendment #2865 would fix HB228, and that’s why I’m asking you to send this an email to Senate President Larry Obhof right away!

Please click the image below to send your pre-written email!

As you’ll see, it’s all written for you. Just press send, and you’re done!

If for some reason your email browser isn’t compatible with the pre-written email links, please copy and paste the email below into your own system and email him right away!


Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

address: [email protected], [email protected]

Subject: Please Amend HB228 with Amendment #2865!

Message: Dear Senate President Larry Obhof,

I’m writing you today as a law-abiding gun owner to ask you to address a weakness in House Bill 228, which is currently in your chamber awaiting consideration.

Right now, HB228 does several things right like removing the “duty to retreat” and restoring the burden of proof to disprove a self-defense claim back to the prosecution.

But also right now, HB228 lacks a substantial enactment clause like Florida and Wyoming recently passed, and it lacks criminal immunity from agenda-driven prosecutors without probable cause, which are hallmarks of “Stand-Your-Ground” law.

Additionally, HB228 doesn’t have “threatened use of force,” either, which would allow gun owners to draw their firearm and deescalate violent, deadly situations.

Remember the Florida gas-station shooting several months ago where a man was violently pushed to the ground, who then shot his attacker as his attacker retreated?

“Threatened use of force” would allow that guy on the ground to draw his firearm and make sure that his attacker didn’t attack again, thus deescalating that violent situation safely.

Amendment #2865 would fix HB228 and make it a full-orbed Stand-Your-Ground bill!

This amendment was crafted by and has the full support of Ohio Gun Owners, Ohioans for Concealed Carry and Ohio Carry, and a large majority of the membership of Buckeye Firearms, too!

Politically, with Senate and House Republicans already under blistering attack by gun-control organizations, our governor and anti-gun politicians for considering a “Stand-Your-Ground” bill, NOW is the time to pass a full-orbed version!

If we don’t do it now, while the arrows are already incoming, we risk being right back in this same situation in the next general assembly.

Please consider this request to amend HB228 with amendment #2865, and make Ohio America’s leading state when it comes to defending and protecting our Second Amendment rights.


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