We have a major problem on our hands.

By now you’ve heard about the murders that took place early Sunday morning in the Oregon District in downtown Dayton, OH, just a few miles from where I’m sitting right now at our office.

A 24 year-old deranged killer named Connor Betts decided to break every law written on man’s heart and on the books in Ohio by opening fire on and brutally murdering 9 people, including his own sister, and injuring dozens more outside a local bar called Ned Peppers.

Thankfully, several police officers were patrolling close by and less than 30 seconds after the killer started shooting, they were able to take him down with their own guns.

We wish this is where the horror ends for Ohio… but it’s just the start.

Radical anti-gun activists are THRILLED (as they always are) that innocent lives have been lost, as now they can peddle their blood and call for the total destruction of your Second Amendment rights.

Never mind the fact that NONE of the gun control laws they want to force down our throats would do anything to stop a deranged madman willing to kill innocent people. That’s why they’re called “criminals,” because they don’t obey laws.

But it gets worse.

In response to this shooting, Governor Mike DeWine has all but promised to RAM a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ bill into law right here in Ohio!

And we aren’t surprised.

After all, just this May, Governor DeWine made very public statements about his desire to see a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law implemented in our state and instructed his staff to draft a bill that could pass our legislature.

Ohio Gun Owners and our members have been very vocal about our opposition to Red Flags because it destroys due process for gun owners, and so far we’ve been able to stymie the bill’s introduction.

But not this time. Not after Dayton.

I can’t begin to tell you what a DISASTER this would be for Ohio!

Just consider the facts:

‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation would allow virtually anyone to make up a claim that you are a threat to yourself or someone else and allow the courts to seize your firearms — before you’ve been arrested, charged, tried or convicted of anything!

More than that, the hearing that determines whether or not you will be stripped of your gun rights will take place in secret!

These ex-parte hearings ensure that the ONLY person speaking to the judge about your right to keep and bear arms is the person trying to disarm you!

That could be an angry ex-spouse, a politically motivated metro police officer, an angry co-worker who is looking to lash out after you received a well-earned promotion ot work or virtually anyone else!

Either way, you will have no idea that the hearing is even taking place, much less be able to attend to fight for your reputation and your right to keep and bear arms.

In fact, the first time you would hear about the “Red Flag Gun Seizure’ order that has been issued against you, would likely be when law enforcement officers arrive at your door.

Simply put, gun owners will be “Kavanaugh’ed,” — declared guilty unless we can prove our own innocence.

You would have more due process rights if you were accused of running a red light in downtown Columbus than you would have in defending you 2nd Amendment freedoms — if this bill passes!

We CANNOT let that happen!

So please sign your petition immediately telling Governor DeWine and our Ohio General Assembly HECK NO on Red Flag Gun Seizures!

Just last night I attended the candle light vigil on 5th street where the shooting took place less than 19 hours before.

It should have been a moment to come together as a community in support of those families who lost loved ones.

It was anything but.

Radical anti-gunners like Congressman Tim Ryan took to the stage and spat in the faces of those who lost their lives and turned the vigil into a veritable rally for gun control, whipping up anti-gun supporters to scream for passage of Red Flags!

It was shocking… but we expect no less from Bloomberg-funded gun control activists.

They’re NOT going to wait to try to ram their agenda into law here in Ohio and we can not sit by and watch!

So sign your petition IMMEDIATELY telling Governor DeWine and our General Assembly to kill off ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ NOW!

But Site, I also desperately need your financial support to crank our social media, email, and direct mail programs up to full speed.

The ONLY way we are going to stop this attack is by flooding Governor DeWine and our lawmaker’s inboxes and phone lines with grassroots opposition, and to do that, I simply must have your support.

If you can afford a major contribution of $250 or $500, please know that we need it now.

But if that’s too much, please consider $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10 right away!

Whatever you can afford will be very appreciated and put right to the fight here in Columbus!

Please take action NOW!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director, OGO

P.S. After the Dayton shooting that claimed the lives of 9 beautiful people, anti-gun activists are dancing in their blood and using this tragedy to hammer gun control into law right here in Ohio.

Worse, Governor DeWine has already directed his staff to draft a “Red Flag Gun Seizures” bill to pass through the Ohio General Assembly.

We can’t let that happen!

Sign your petition right away opposing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ by clicking this link or on the image below!

When you’re done, please consider an EMERGENCY contribution of $500 or $250 if you can afford it, or $100, $50, $25 or even $10 if your budget permits to help us mobilize gun owners in opposition to this disastrous legislation!

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