DeWine Attacks: SEVEN gun-control bills announced for Wednesday hearing!

When Mike DeWine said in early August that he intended to capitalize on the blood of the innocent victims murdered on August 4th in downtown Dayton, we believed him.

His decades-long political career prove just how horrific he is when it comes to gun rights, with votes to allow gun-control organizations to sue firearms manufacturers, his joint-effort with Dianne Feinstein to re-institute the Clinton Gun Ban, and more!

And now he’s been working hard ever since the Dayton killings to craft a 17-point gun-control plan that he and his gun-grabber cohorts in our General Assembly intend to ram into law!

Ohio Gun Owners rallied our members and supporters in front of the Ohio Statehouse Saturday because we KNEW that DeWine was moving fast in order to keep up his terrible “momentum” after Dayton.

So this afternoon when we saw that the Senate Government Oversight Committee has scheduled a hearing for tomorrow afternoon to hear SEVEN anti-gun bills for sponsor testimony, we were not shocked.

We’ve been preparing to fight back against these bills for weeks.

Among them are Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration bill, a bill that would raise the age to buy a Ruger 10/22 from 18 up to 21, and of course DeWine’s Red Flag gun-control bill, which includes “ex-parte” hearings where you can have your gun rights stripped away at a secret court hearing!

What is more, they’re being spearheaded by none other than Republican Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering), who is infamous for being the lone Republican to vote against HB86 earlier this year, the bill that restored the right to own AR15’s here in Ohio after last year’s disaster with HB228.

A term-limited Republican RINO (and another Republican turncoat previously endorsed by Buckeye Firearms Association), Lehner is friends with Governor DeWine, Senate President Larry Obhoff and Senator Matt Huffman, who is widely expected to replace Obhoff as President when Obhoff terms out next year!

Site, we will of course be attending tomorrow’s hearings to bring you more information, but there are two things I’m asking you to do right now.

First, please sign your petition AGAINST DeWine’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders by clicking the image below.

Next, please donate whatever amount you can afford to give.

We’re launching a massive statewide mobilization program as we speak against these gun-control bills, but we need to do MORE.

Your donation of $500, $50, $5 or anywhere in between will help us do that!

If you are not already a member, for this week ONLY, we’re having a RALLY SPECIAL on our Freedom Level Memberships!

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We are deploying every penny you contribute to use via direct mail, email and social media to identify and mobilize more people to stand with us in the days and weeks ahead.

The only thing that can stop these corrupt politicians and their attacks on our gun rights is you, and thousands like you from across Ohio.

The only force strong enough to save our Second Amendment rights for future generations is us gun owners, all banded together in a fighting force.

Ohio Gun Owners is working overtime to make that happen, but we can’t do it without your support.

So please join Ohio Gun Owners today if you are not already a member and please consider an extra donation if you already are

Stay tuned, and get ready to FIGHT!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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