Details: The Terrible Truth Behind HB123

Chris, what this bill (HB123) would do is simply take what parents used to do for kids and have government fill that role.”

I couldn’t even believe the stark, honest truth had escaped his lips.

In fact, had I been taking a sip of the coffee I had in my hand at that precise moment, it probably would have spewed everywhere!

But that’s what State Representative J. Todd Smith told me as we walked under the Statehouse garage back to the Riffe Center only moments after Ohio House Republicans joined some of Ohio’s worst anti-gun House Democrats and voted to pass HB123 last Wednesday!

As you all know, OGO has been gearing up for a full-blown battle to fight against Mike DeWine’s gun-control legislation, which he is introducing today.

But we were shocked last Tuesday night to find out that House Republicans were jumping the shark to put HB123 on the House floor for a full vote!

Quite frankly, the reason why we didn’t engage on this bill previously is that we didn’t believe the Republicans would give the radicals in the Democrat caucus such an easy win.

That’s a mistake we’ll never make again, but once we saw the bill on the calendar, we immediately went to work mobilizing our members and supporters against the bill for about 18 hours before the vote.

Sadly, we were unsuccessful in stopping it on the House floor, and it passed by a vote of 85-7.

And like clockwork, the quisling Republicans who voted for the bill began defending their actions.

What the Bill is NOT

HB123 is bad legislation and, like most awful proposals, the devil is in the details.

But before we get into them, keep in mind that spineless Republicans want you to believe that this bill will prevent suicides by school kids.

But the fact is, Site, you and I both know that suicide is moral issue that government cannot solve (but which their laws can certainly help create!).

The idea that these “lawmakers” can somehow create enough laws that the reasons why school kids commit suicide will disappear is completely ridiculous, to say the least.

It is preposterous, in fact, when you consider that most politicians at the Statehouse can’t even agree which bathroom boys and girls should use in our schools.

So while these pithless Republicans try to dupe voters into believing another law will create the moral environment necessary to stop school kids from committing suicide, it is important to note what is NOT in the bill.

➜ Nowhere in the bill do they address the breakdown of the family unit.

➜ Nowhere in the bill do they encourage parents to parent their kids again properly, even though divorce has been shown to increase the risk of children attempting suicide by as much as 14%.

➜ Nowhere in the bill do they encourage dads to be dads again, even though a 10% increase in the number of children living in a single-parent home is accompanied by a 17% increase in juvenile crime.

➜ Nowhere in this bill do they encourage the teaching of right and wrong again in schools.

➜ Nowhere in this bill do they encourage teachers to teach that we’re all human beings and not just farmyard animals.

But the most glaring absence in this bill?

They don’t even address the insane levels of psychotropic and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) drugs being shelled out to our school children.

As most of you probably know, nearly every mass killer in recent years has a history of psychotropic drug use.

But what you might not know is that a lot of kids who commit suicide today come from broken or abusive homes and very often have been drugged up by their parents, their teachers or the very people who are supposed to be watching out for them!

So if the goal of this bill is to “prevent suicides,” supporters of it like Representative Kyle Koehler deliberately failed any meaningful reform.

HB123 and the tie to Big Gun Control

Several House Republicans have been defending their decision to replace the responsibilities of family with government programs by saying that “gun control” doesn’t appear in the bill.

The fact is, however, the words “gun-control” don’t have to be laid out in black and white in a piece of legislation for gun-control to be enacted.

In fact, some of the nastiest gun-control bills in American history have never used the phrase “gun-control.”

And a lot of times you can find out how bad a bill is by noting who or what organizations support it.

HB123 is supported by Sandy Hook Promise.

Who is Sandy Hook Promise?

Sandy Hook Promise is an organization that started after the Newtown, Connecticut murders at Sandy Hook.

Like most gun-control organizations, Sandy Hook Promise is funded by mega donors like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who hate the Second Amendment and hate our country.

A review of Sandy Hook Promise’s tax filings show that they have nearly zero support from grassroots donations, but yet they pull in tens of millions of dollars a year from mega donors.

On Sandy Hook Promise’s website they openly engage their supporters to lobby Congress to pass Bloomberg’s gun-control priorities like Universal Background Checks, “hi-capacity” magazine bans and Red Flag gun confiscation laws.

Sandy Hook in Ohio

Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) offered two proponent testimonies in support for HB123, one from a gal named Annie Stephens.

Annie Stephens said in her testimony that “SHP has programming in school districts in almost every county in Ohio.”

She then goes on to urge the Ohio General Assembly to pass the bill so that they can offer their “free” “Safety Assessment and Intervention” program designed by none other than Dr. Dewey Cornell.

Dewey Cornell is a well-known radical, anti-gun clinical psychologist professor from the University of Virginia, and he is notorious in the gun rights community for his 8-point plan to reduce “school violence.”

The hallmarks of his plan include:

  1. A total BAN on “assault-style” weapons.
  2. Universal Background Checks for every state.
  3. Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders so that guns can be confiscated without due process.

Cornell is radicalized gun-control activist, not an objective “scientist,” who has testified against gun rights in legislative settings before.

Back to the bill, one of the major thrusts in HB123 is to assemble a “threat assessment” program so that students and teachers can anonymously report other students they believe, according to Cornell’s subjective criteria, are a “threat” to themselves or others.

In other words, HB123 will empower kids to “red flag” other kids based on criteria and programs that are taught, designed and implemented by subjective, biased gun-control activists from gun-control organizations who despise our Second Amendment freedoms.

Have you raised your children to love the Founding Fathers, freedom and our Second Amendment rights?

Under HB123’s anonymous reporting system, the kids from liberal homes will be able to “red flag” your kids anonymously, and the first thing you would know about it is likely a knock at the door from your local law-enforcement wanting to know where your firearms are stored.

Sandy Hook Promise supports this bill because they want their wolves to have the access they need to indoctrinate our kids.

Now What?

Sadly, Republican quislings like Representative Kyle Koehler know full well what they’ve done.

They know they’ve aided and abetted Big Gun-Control by voting to implement their programming into our schools.

And they know they’re trying to replace the traditional family with more government programs that will NEVER work.

The good news is that this bill still has to go through the Senate and likely back to the House for another vote.

We’ll be putting out an Action ALERT for you in the near future so that you can personally lobby your own State Senators and State Representatives to do the right thing and kill this bill.

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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