DeWine Launches Bid to Pass Kasich’s Red Flag Gun-Control Bill!

That didn’t take long.

Last week, barely 100 days into his first term as Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine announced his intentions to RAM Red Flag Gun Confisaction into law.

And just as if John Kasich had never left the Governor’s Mansion, it’s all out war at the Statehouse once again against our gun rights.

This is bad news.

As you know, Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders destroy due-process rights for gun owners.

Simply put — and no matter how watered down they are and no matter how “innocent” every version we’ve seen looks — Red Flag Confiscation Orders allow liberal judges to target gun owners to have their firearms stripped away from them before they’ve been charged, tried in court or convicted of a single crime.

And the first thing a gun owner would know about it would be a sheriff’s deputy knocking at the door, warrant in hand, to come in and confiscate your firearms!

Worse, we’ve seen now in states like Washington where after they get the “basic” version of Red Flags into law they come right back the next year to expand on them.

Some versions even call for teachers to be able to request Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders against students, and if the parents of those students don’t turn over their firearms, the court can seize custody of their kids!

DeWine’s betrayal of gun owners must be stopped, blocked and KILLED.

Ohio Gun Owners has targeted mobilization programs ready to run, but we need to step up our efforts – and FAST.

The rumor mill flying around the Statehouse is that Governor DeWine is intending to launch his attack from the Senate, where Republican Senators John Eklund, Stephanie Kunze and Peggy Lehner are foaming at the mouth to ram gun-control into law.

In fact, those three Senators were disgraced former governor John Kasich’s chief gun-control allies in the Ohio Statehouse.

With Eklund and Lehner term-limited, they view this as their “big shot” to finish the fight for gun-control that John Kasich started with last year’s HB585.

As you might remember, you and I crushed last year’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation legislation by hammering the Ohio Statehouse with petitions, calls, emails and social media campaigns.

So I’m asking you to do it again.

Please sign your petition against DeWine’s Red Flag bill by clicking the image below!

After you’ve signed it, I hope you’ll also do one more thing.

Mike DeWine isn’t term-limited. As a brand new Republican Governor, he holds a lot of political poker chips in his hand that he can play whenever he wants at the Statehouse.

And there are plenty of horrible Republicans at the Statehouse who are willing to trade their votes on Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders in exchange for the governor’s “support” for their own pet projects or political careers.

In other words, you and I will have to do a lot more hammering this time to defeat Red Flags than we did under John Kasich.

That’s why I’m asking you for an emergency contribution right away.

Ohio Gun Owners trembles with eagerness to fight, but we need the resources to do it.

We know the districts we’ll need to focus on, we have the email, direct mail and social media campaigns ready to execute, because we’ve fought this war before.

But if we’re going to defeat DeWine’s gun-control bill, we need to do it much bigger than ever before!

So I don’t know what you can afford.

Whether you can afford $1,000 or $10 or anywhere in between, please be as generous as you can.

But please first sign your petition aginst DeWine’s Red Flags, as that’s most important.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr

P.S. Mike DeWine is getting ready to launch his crusade against our gun rights, and we’re launching our grassroots army of gun owners across Ohio to stop it!

With DeWine rumored to have meetings with traitorous Republicans in the Senate already scheduled for Monday, we don’t have time to sit around and wait.

Please sign your petition AGAINST DeWine’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders right away!

We’ll be delivering these for you to key, targeted members at the Statehouse in Columbus.

After you’ve signed your petition and forwarded it on to your friends and family, please also consider making a generous donation to Ohio Gun Owners.

We crushed last year’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill, HB585, but we did it because our membership and supporters gave us the resources we needed to get the job done.

So if you can afford $10 or $1000 or somewhere in between, please be as generous as you can because we need it now.

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