Take Action: Dolan Gun Control Vote This Week!

I know you’re probably at home enjoying your Sunday afternoon or having time with your families.

But while you’re doing that, Matt Dolan and the Senate Finance Committee are plotting how to stab gun owners in the back and pass gun control this week.

We received word that Senate Bill 357 will be brought up THIS WEEK in the Senate Finance Committee with it slated for a possible vote!

Yep, you read that right!

Just like we warned you about, the bill is scheduled for possible amendments, maybe even from Dolan himself.

He is willing to do anything to pass gun control, that’s why we’ve got to shut this bill down, and FAST.

So I hope you’ll take virtually no time at all to send your emails to the Senate Finance Committee and to your State Senator – telling them HELL NO to any version of SB357 and any other gun control bill!


But I need to ask one more thing of you to help shut this bill down.

If you read our previous emails, then you know the reason Matt Dolan has been able to charge ahead with Senate Bill 357 in committee is because Senate President Matt Huffman put it there to begin with.

This has gone on unchecked long enough. It’s time for Senate President Matt Huffman to reign in Matt Dolan.

We are sick and tired of Senate Leadership letting Matt Dolan grab the headlines for his 2024 US Senate run.

That’s why I am also asking you to get into direct contact with Senate President Matt Huffman, and fellow members of his leadership team (and members of the Finance committee) Jay Hottinger and Theresa Gavarone.

Call or Text them NOW:

Tell them NOT ONE JOT OR TITTLE of SB357 should be allowed out of committee, let alone given floor votes.

This vote could happen as soon as Tuesday morning, so we must act quickly!

Please take action – send your emails and your texts/make your calls IMMEDIATELY!

— Rob