Ohio ALERT: Dolan Rumor


We have critical information for you, and we need to act fast.

Thanks to your pressure on the Ohio Senate, Matt Dolan is running into major obstacles getting his SB357 gun-control omnibus bill out of committee, and he’s switching tactics to try to move his gun-control bill before the end of the year.

We are hearing from our sources at the Statehouse that Dolan wants to amend his bill in committee on Monday/Tuesday so that he can get at least a portion of the bill passed before the 2022 General Assembly ends next week.

Ummm, NO.

Allowing gun control any movement forward whatsoever is a slap in the face of gun owners everywhere.

In the November elections, gun voters elected even bigger pro-gun majorities in Columbus to advance our gun rights, not bend over backwards trying to appease the Radical Left gun-grabbers.

That’s why I’m asking you to take action right away.

Please email the Senate Finance Committee and insist they block or vote NO on every version and every portion of SB357 that might come up for a vote!

Remember, it is Lame Duck Session and word around the Statehouse is that they might be done for the year after Wednesday or Thursday of next week, so we have to keep the pressure on all the way to the end.

But after you’ve emailed the Senate Finance Committee, please also make sure that your own personal State Senator (who might not serve on the Finance Committee) also hears from you in opposition to every portion of SB357!

Shellack the Ohio Senate with your emails today!

Time is running out – this gun control amendment could happen as soon as Monday afternoon.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, 
Ohio Gun Owners