OH Senate Republicans Pushing Gun Control?!

Two weeks ago we told you about Matt Dolan and his gun-control bill, Senate Bill 357:

We also told you about his plans to use his Finance Committee Chairmanship and his bill as a springboard to launch his 2024 U.S. Senate Campaign.

But we haven’t told you who is to largely to blame for setting this whole thing in motion:

Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman.

You see, as the Senate President, Matt Huffman chairs the all-powerful Rules and Reference Committee, which decides which bills are sent to what committees for consideration – OR what committee that will give a bill ZERO consideration.

Matt Huffman knows full well that Senator Dolan is plotting a US Senate run against Sherrod Brown in 2024, and that he’s trying to position himself as an anti-gun moderate Republican.

And Huffman knew damn well that Senate Bill 357 is a full-blown gun-control bill the moment Dolan rolled it out last summer.

Here’s the point:

Huffman could have stopped Dolan’s gun-control instantly by sending it to a “kill committee” where it wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

But he didn’t.

Instead, Republican Senate President Matt Huffman sent Dolan’s gun-control bill to the Finance Committee, the very committee that Matt Dolan is the chairman of.

Because SB357 is in his own committee, Dolan is doing everything he can to ram this bill down our throats and out of his committee.

The week before Thanksgiving, Dolan had a sponsor testimony hearing for his bill.

Today, Dolan is having a “proponent testimony” hearing, so that all of the gun-control organizations and radical Democrats can tell the committee how much they love his gun-control bill.

And Matt Dolan personally told me the week before last that we’ll “get our chance” to oppose the bill next week, likely during an opponent hearing on the 6th of December.

One thing is clear: Matt Dolan is trying to push this bill out in order to campaign in the 2024 election cycle as the only moderate Republican to move a gun-control bill out of an Ohio Senate Committee!

We need to do everything we can to stop it.

In case you missed our last update, Senate Bill 357 is a full-blown gun control bill that implements Red Flag Gun Confiscation through the mental healthcare system, creates a de facto statewide gun owner registry and treats 18–20-year-old adults like second-class citizens – totally unconstitutional.

We are completely opposed to Senate Bill 357.

The Radical Left knows that they cannot complete the absolute destruction of America without taking away our guns and our freedoms, and that’s what Matt Dolan’s Senate Bill 357 lays the groundwork for.

In fact, the gun-grabbers in the fake news media as well as Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action are all salivating over the fact that a REPUBLICAN is pushing their agenda!

In a state where the voters rejected Nan Whaley’s gun-control agenda for Ohio by 20 points and expanded the size of the Republican supermajority in Columbus, this is totally unacceptable.

Ohio Gun Owners rejects the communist agenda for America in its totality.

If you agree, please send your State Senator and President Matt Huffman an email right away demanding that they stop, block, and vote NO on Senate Bill 357!

Tell Matt Huffman and your State Senator that gun owners and gun voters sent a message during the elections and expanded their supermajority to expand our gun rights, not push gun control

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, 
Ohio Gun Owners