ALERT: Gun Control Vote IMMINENT



Moments ago we learned that House Bill 383, sponsored by Representative Kyle Koehler, is going to be voted on in the House Government Oversight Committee and then put on the House floor TOMORROW for a full floor vote!

Please take a moment to fire off an email to your state representatives urging them to vote NO on HB383!

Here’s why: House Bill 383 is a total cover bill designed to make Ohio Republicans look tough on crime without actually doing anything about violent crime.

Worse, HB383 establishes the evil precedent in Ohio’s legal system that inanimate objects like firearms are causal factors in criminal actions, which is the EXACT basis of the gun-control argument.

Make no mistake about it, there are PLENTY of laws already on the books for violent criminals to punished with. But their refusal to use those laws properly is NOT justification to keep layering on more laws, nor are they justified to use liberal logic in the process.

After all, we’ve heard it a thousand times from Bloomberg’s Red-Shirt gun-control brigade in committee hearings at the Statehouse, “gun violence is caused by the public’s proximity to firearms – people shouldn’t have guns!”

And we aren’t alone in our opposition to this bill. The Office of the Ohio Public Defender did an excellent job in their opposition to HB383, which you can read here.

And as another opponent put it, “H.B 383 makes the mistake of targeting an object (a gun) rather than criminal acts. The carrying of a gun is not wrong. It is the use of a gun, or a knife, or a hammer or other blunt object, or hands/fists to commit violent crime that is wrong. This bill treats firearms different than all other object that are used to commit crime. That is “anti-gun”, not “anti-crime.” It is not good public policy.”

We could not agree more.

House Republicans could be taking steps to REDUCE crime, like overhauling Ohio’s self-defense laws or beefing up our weak Constitutional Carry law so that criminals are actually afraid again.

They could also make sure that many of Ohio’s most LIBERAL, Soros-backed prosecutors aren’t letting violent criminals back out onto the street.

Instead, they are moving House Bill 383 at lightning speed so as to punish people not for the crimes they commit but rather for the mere fact they possess a firearm.

It’s absurd. Focusing on the object instead of the criminal is the same logic used by the Marxist Left.

Please take action right NOW by sending your State Representative a pre-written message telling them to vote NO on HB383 and instead work to pass bills that will actually help stop violent crime in Ohio!

We have to act fast, because these votes will happen in a matter of hours.

Take action IMMEDIATELY and share the action link with everyone you know!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, 
Ohio Gun Owners