2022 OGO Gubernatorial Voter Guide

Next Tuesday, gun voters and gun right supporters from across Ohio have a very important decision to make. 

Who will our next governor be?

In order to help you make the most informed decision, we surveyed all of the candidates running for governor and are sharing the results with you.

We asked each candidate a series of nine yes-or-no questions that they will face if elected Governor of Ohio.

To see a copy of the survey questions, please click here.

Here is how each candidate responded to our 2022 Ohio Gun Owners Gubernatorial Candidate survey program:

Jim Renacci – 100%!

Jim Renacci completed our survey and answered every question 100% PRO-GUN!

You can see a copy of his completed survey by clicking here.

Not only that, Jim also interviewed with us and explained what a Renacci administration would do for gun rights here in Ohio.

We particularly like the fact that Renacci said he would request gun bills from the legislature!

You can watch Jim’s interview with OGO by clicking here.

Ron Hood – 100%!

Ron Hood completed our survey and answered every question 100% PRO-GUN!

To see a copy of Ron’s completed survey, click here.

Ron interviewed with us recently and discussed his thoughts on the Second Amendment and what a Hood administration would do for gun rights.

Ron Hood has long been a champion of gun owners in Ohio and was the founding author of Constitutional Carry.

You can watch Ron’s interview by clicking here.

Joe Blystone – 100%!

Joe Blystone completed our survey and answered every question 100% PRO-GUN!

To see a copy of Joe’s completed survey, click here.

Joe took some time to interview with OGO recently and discuss his thoughts on the Second Amendment.

You can watch his interview with Ohio Gun Owners by clicking here.

Mike DeWine – ???

Mike DeWine REFUSED to fill out the Ohio Gun Owners Candidate Survey!

As you can see, we have record that his wife, Fran, signed for it on March 15th.

Despite signing duty-to-retreat repeal into law back in 2021 and a WEAK version of Constitutional Carry into law last month, Mike DeWine has been a thorn in the side of gun owners and anyone who loves freedom.

He consistently pushes for gun control including Red Flag Gun Confiscation and in the past sponsored ‘Assault Weapons’ bans in Congress.

Nan Whaley and John Cranley

Yes, we even surveyed the Democrats running for governor, which these days is akin to milking a bull.

Both candidates Democrat Mayor Nany Whaley and Democrat Mayor John Cranley joined with Mike DeWine in total disrespect to gun owners and REFUSED to sign their Ohio Gun Owners candidate survey.

Although we have a pretty good idea of where they stand on gun rights…


Ohio Gun Owners has the best grassroots army of any state in America – bar none – when it comes to fighting for gun rights.

We feel very confident in finding a path forward for both defending our gun rights and advancing our firearm freedoms no matter who is Ohio’s next Governor.

As you can see from the results above, there are three candidates that pledge their total support for the 2nd Amendment.

And while we cannot tell you which candidates you should choose to represent you – that choice is yours alone – please make sure that you head to the polls on Tuesday and proudly cast your vote for gun-rights!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners