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October 9, 2018

Ohio Gun Owners Opposes Judicial Overreach in Ohio Supreme Court Rules of Superintendence Proposal!

The proposed Ohio Supreme Court Rules of Superintendence rule change is a violation of the very Constitution the Ohio Supreme Court is sworn to uphold.

“This is a clear-cut example of one branch of government overstepping their bounds and making a play to become the sole arbiter of the Second Amendment,” Ohio Gun Owners Executive Director Chris Dorr said Tuesday.

Similar to anti-gun radical governor John Kasich’s legislative proposal in HB585/SB288, the proposed rule change would destroy due process for gun owners by creating gun-confiscation through declaration, rather than adjudication.

“Due process is a fundamental right that makes America the envy of the world. Now, you’ve got a situation where the fox wants to guard the henhouse by the Ohio Supreme Court trying to destroy that due process and consolidate power under their branch of government,” Dorr added.

Gun owners across Ohio lit up the public feedback email address so much on Tuesday that an additional email address was provided by the Ohio Supreme Court for public input.

“The Black-Robed-Masters on the Ohio Supreme Court can try to sneak this past gun owners, but if we’re unsuccessful at stopping it in this proposal phase we’ll move right on to submarine this proposal in lame duck session or the early part of the 133rd General Assembly,” Dorr concluded.


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