Gun Control Bills Filed, Take Action!

Well folks, he warned us this was coming.

Last week we saw State Senator Cecil Thomas’ press release outlining his plan to absolutely destroy our gun rights and turn us all into criminals overnight.

Now we have the details of these bills, and it’s enough to make your blood boil.

These are straight from Michael Bloomberg and his horde of Globalist gun-grabbing socialists.

Don’t forget, the real reason that these rabid Leftists want to exterminate our gun rights is so they can disarm us and turn us all into defenseless peasants.

They know that millions of law-abiding gun owners are their biggest hurdle to turning America into a communist hellhole.

Because we can fight back.

That’s why they need to track, trace and register gun owners like sex offenders and confiscate our firearms ASAP!

And that’s what the Michael Bloomberg/Cecil Thomas gun control agenda is designed to do.

We will be breaking these bills down in future emails, but I wanted to get this information to you, so you can take action against them RIGHT AWAY!


If these bills pass our Second Amendment freedoms will be absolutely CRUSHED in Ohio.

That’s because these bills would:

>>> Implement Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration, tracking, tracing, and registering all of us like sex offenders – to be used for future gun confiscation!

>>> Leave your college-aged kids and grandkids defenseless

>>> Require background checks for ALL gun purchases and transfers – even for just letting your hunting buddy borrow one of your guns!

>>> Allow Nan Whaley and other Hate-America Leftist mayors to regulate our gun rights into oblivion at the local level

>>> Implement Governor DeWine’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation

>>> Ban bump stocks for ‘accelerating’ a firearm’s rate of fire

And folks, once these bills become law, there’s no getting our rights back. 

That’s why it is so important that you send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL immediately and DEMAND politicians in Columbus stand up and fight against this garbage!

Tell Your Politicians: NO GUN CONTROL!

Now that Bloomberg and his red shirt radicals are on the march here in Ohio, we need to fight on all fronts!

To make things worse, RINO Governor Mike DeWine has been pushing for some of these same proposals for years!

But the list of back-stabbers willing to support gun control in the weak GOP doesn’t stop there.

RINO Senators Matt Dolan and Stephanie Kunze have sponsored gun control in the past like SB 221 from last General Assembly.

So if these Leftists and RINOs get their way, DeWine will be overseeing gun confiscation – turning you and your family into defenseless subjects very soon!

Our politicians need to know that there are serious consequences to attacking gun owners and coming after our God-given right of self-defense. By bombarding the Statehouse with your emails, we can send that message!

That’s why sending your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL makes all the difference.

This agenda is designed for just one purpose, to destroy an entire country of gun owners, reducing us to helpless serfs who are powerless against criminals and tyrants alike.

Ohio Gun Owners is using every tool at our disposal to get the word out about these bills and create a massive grassroots firestorm of opposition to this agenda.

Please help us!

After you send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAILplease make an immediate donation to help us mobilize as many gun owners as possible!

The America-hating socialists in Columbus like Senator Cecil Thomas and others that are pushing Bloomberg’s gun control agenda want to destroy the Second Amendment once and for all, and these bills would do exactly that.

Take action today!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. The details of State Senator Cecil Thomas’ gun control agenda were just revealed, and his legislation has the potential to destroy our Second Amendment freedoms in Ohio.

We have to stop him!

Help us defeat Cecil Thomas and Michael Bloomberg’s gun control agenda in Ohio – send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL NOW!


Then make a donation to help us mobilize gun owners against this attack on our way of life! $500, $250, $100, $50, $35, $20 — whatever you can afford — please donate today!

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