Gun-Control Companion Bill INTRODUCED in Ohio Senate!

Things just went from bad to worse.

But first some good news.

Last night, lame duck Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger announce that, due to an FBI corruption investigation into his tenure as Speaker, he would be stepping down effective May 1, 2018.

Speaker Rosenberg was one of two major driving forces behind the machine to ram through Governor Kasich’s gun-control agenda.

However, not stepping down until May 1st gives Speaker Rosenberger even MORE incentive to ram through this gun-control while he’s still in power!

That’s why we’re not letting up – not one little bit.

Yesterday at 2pm, turncoat Representative Mike Henne (R-Clayton) introduced Governor Kasich’s gun-control omnibus bill, HB585, to the House Stand and Local Government Committee.

As expected, Representative Henne was incapable of defending the bill and incapable of explaining how disarming law-abiding citizens and destroying due process will make anyone safe.

Completing “sponsor testimony” is their first step towards ramming HB585 into law.

But that’s not all that happened yesterday.

The bad news is, Republican Senators John Eklund (R-Munson Township) and Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard) introduced a Senate version of the Kasich/Henne gun-control bill!

Like Governor Kasich, Representative Henne and Chairwoman Anielski, Senator Eklund is lame-duck, only introducing this legislation because he cannot run for reelection.

And nearly as bad, Senator Stephanie Kunze isn’t up for reelection until 2020!

Their bill, Senate Bill 288, appears to be a word-for-word duplicate of HB585, opening up a completely new line of attack on our gun rights from the Senate chamber.

As you know, both HB585 and SB288 would destroy due process for gun owners and allow for gun-confiscation by declaration rather than adjudication.

They would also expand the size and scope of the Federal gun-owner database, enabling government to categorically deny firearms rights to even more veterans returning home from overseas.

And alarmingly, both bills would tether Ohio’s state code directly to the Federal prohibited firearms list, enabling any anti-gun Presidential administration to outright BAN AR15’s and other firearms!

These bills are a direct punishment on law-abiding gun owners for the actions of madmen killers who don’t obey laws.

In fact, as I stood only feet away from Governor Kasich, Representative Mike Henne and Senator John Eklund, they virtually admitted it!

Ohio Gun Owners is already exposing these shenanigans in the districts of every Republican member of the House Committee using targeted social media, email and direct mail campaigns.

But now we’re gearing up to expand those efforts in the districts of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee, where SB288 was referred only moments ago!

The only force strong enough to stop these outright assaults on our freedoms is us, the thousands of law-abiding gun owners across Ohio.

That’s why we’re asking you to sign the petition AGAINST these attacks!

We will be dropping them on the desks of targeted Representatives and Senators for you, demanding they STOP their attacks or face the wrath of gun owners in the coming elections.

Please click the image above to fill out and submit your petition.

But when you’re finished, please also make a contribution to our efforts to stop these bills.

Please consider a major contribution of $100 or even $250 or more.

If that is just too much, please contribute whatever amount you can afford.

We can scale up our pressure the more resources we have.

We can get into more targeted districts if we have more resources.

In other words, we can ensure that these politicians are feeling the MOST amount of pain politically possible from gun owners right when they’re faced with the decision to vote for or against these gun-control bills.

So please be generous – and please act TODAY!

— Chris Dorr, Director

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