OH ALERT: Gun-Control Bill Hearings Scheduled for TUESDAY!

It’s all out war at the Statehouse against our gun rights.

In an alarming late-Friday afternoon political stunt, House leadership scheduled a hearing for Governor Kasich’s gun-confiscation bill, HB585, for THIS TUESDAY!

Trying to give gun owners little time to oppose it, they are RAMMING HB585 through at lighting speed.

So I’ll cut right to the point.

Term-limited Republican turncoat Representative Mike Henne introduced Governor Kasich’s HB585 on Thursday.

Then, term-limited House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger scheduled it for a committee hearing, even though it wasn’t yet referred to committee, for this Tuesday at 2:00pm in room 17 at the Statehouse.

Term-limited State and Local Government Committee chairwoman Marlene Anielski is the lieutenant charged with ramming this legislation through committee.

And of course, term-limited Governor Kasich is the Supreme Commander behind it all, calling the shots and pulling the strings.

In other words, every single key player involved in trying to ram this this gun-control into law won’t answer to their voters and cannot be held accountable this election season!

This is bad news.

And don’t think this is an accident, Web. This entire bill was created under cover of darkness.

In fact, Representative Henne even refused to release it for cosponsorship beforehand and is the SOLE author of the bill!

This bill is being fasttracked at lighting speed, and you and I need to stop it – NOW.

As you know, this bill is a 6-pronged attack on our gun rights, but it keys in on two major areas that gun owners need to focus on.

  1. It totally destroys due-process for gun owners.

HB585 creates “ex parte hearings” where a petitioner can ask a court to have someone’s Second Amendment rights stripped away, WITHOUT the accused even being present!

No retaining counsel. No refutation of “evidence.” No counter-evidence.


The first thing a gun owner would know about it would be a sheriff’s deputy knocking at the door, warrant in hand, to come in and confiscate your firearms!

  1. It expands the scope of the Federal NCIC gun-owner database.

Background checks don’t stop violent criminals. Pick ANY recent mass shooting as proof.

But as Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi well know, expanding the background check system DOES build a massive, bloated database of gun owners they can use against us sometime down the road.

That’s why they just voted for it in Congress.

And that’s also why the Hartford Courant in Connecticut has called on the State Police to use the NCIC database to hunt down anyone who didn’t register their AR15’s in 2014 and either confiscate their legally purchased firearms or prosecute them for FELONIES!

HB585 must be stopped, blocked and KILLED in the House State and Local Government Committee.

Ohio Gun Owners has targeted mobilization programs running full tilt in every single Republican member of the committee’s districts, but we need to step up our efforts – and FAST.

That’s why I’m asking you for an emergency contribution right away.

Like I said, we’re already running full email and social media campaigns into these districts.

But we’d like to get up on radio with some of the hardest-hitting political ads Ohio has ever heard, IF we can raise the resources in time.

So I don’t know what you can afford.

Whether you can afford $1,000 or $10 or anywhere in between, please be as generous as you can.

For Freedom,  

Chris Dorr

P.S. If you haven’t already, please sign your petition AGAINST HB585. We’ll deliver it for you to members of the State and Local Government Committee in Columbus.

Just click the link below.

If you’re not already a member of Ohio Gun Owners, please join with us TODAY!

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