Gun-Control Hearing TODAY – take action now!

Today in the US House Judiciary Committee there will be a hearing on gun-control legislation that spells long-term bad news for gun owners.

Please read this short email, and when you are done call and email Ohio’s two Congress members who sit on the US House Judiciary Committee!

It is no secret that background checks don’t stop madmen bent on committing murder, and here’s a list of shootings where the killer used guns bought with legal background checks:

– Las Vegas concert shooting
– DC Congressional Baseball game shooting
– Newtown, Connecticu shooting (Sandy Hook)
– Aurora movie theater shooting
– Charleston church shooting
– Chattanooga recruiting station shooting
– San Bernardino shooting
– Gabby Giffords shooting
– Fort Hood shooting

Sadly, I could go on on and on.

And murderers who can’t or don’t want to use guns can go right to Home Depot and rent a truck, as we just witnessed in NYC a couple of weeks ago.

But not only does the background check system fail its stated goal, it is also a dangerous weapon in the hands of an anti-gun administration!

In fact, Gun Owners of America has tracked over 250,000 veterans who have had their gun rights taken away by the NICS database with no due process!

Worse, in 2014 the Hartford, Connecticut Courant called on the Connecticut state police to use the NICS database to find out which gun owners had refused to register their “assault weapons” after they passed a forced registration law in 2013!

Demanding that the state police use the NICS database, they want the state police to round up all gun owners who refused to be treated like sex offenders and either force them to register their guns or be prosecuted for their class D felony crimes of failing to do so!

I don’t know about you, but I find that outrageous.

That’s why today’s hearing on expanding the NICS database is so dangerous!

So please take a moment to contact Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan and Steve Chabot.

They are Ohio’s two Judiciary Committee members that will be hearing this legislation today, but they need to hear from YOU first.

As you’ll see, you can either call them by phone or send them a pre-written email. Whatever you do, please do it right away!

Contact Congressman Jordan – (202) 225 2676

Congressman Steve Chabot – (202) 225 2216

[email protected], [email protected]?subject=Vote%20NO%20on%20today’s%20anti-gun%20Fix%20NICS%20act!&body=Dear%20Congressmen%20Jim%20Jordan%20and%20Steve%20Chabot%2C%20%0A%0AThe%20NICS%20background%20check%20doesn’t%20stop%20madmen%20bent%20on%20committing%20murder.%20%0A%0AThe%20Las%20Vegas%20shooter%2C%20Newtown%20shooter%2C%20Fort%20Hood%20shooter%2C%20Aurora%20movie%20theater%20shooter%20and%20the%20Congressional%20baseball%20game%20shooter%20are%20a%20few%20of%20many%20tragedies%20that%20prove%20that%20background%20checks%20don’t%20work.%0A%0AExpanding%20the%20NICS%20system%20will%20not%20result%20in%20fewer%20mass%20shootings%2C%20but%20it%20will%20provide%20a%20Pandora’s%20box%20that%20can%20be%20opened%20by%20an%20anti-gun%20administration%20down%20the%20road.%0A%0AWith%20anti-gun%20Senators%20Dianne%20Feinstein%20and%20Chris%20Murphy%20pushing%20this%20agenda%20in%20the%20Senate%2C%20there%20can%20be%20no%20doubt%20about%20this%20bill’s%20anti-gun%20roots.%0A%0AAs%20a%20law-abiding%20Ohio%20gun%20owner%2C%20I%20insist%20that%20you%20use%20your%20judiciary%20committee%20position%20to%20vote%20NO%20on%20advancing%20the%20%22Fix%20NICS%20Act%22%20out%20of%20the%20House%20Judiciary%20Committee.%20The%20place%20to%20kill%20this%20bill%20is%20in%20the%20Judiciary%20committee%2C%20NOT%20the%20House%20floor.%0A%0AAny%20vote%2C%20motion%20or%20action%20to%20move%20this%20legislation%20to%20the%20House%20floor%20will%20be%20graded%20as%20an%20anti-gun%20vote!%0A%0AOhio%20Gun%20Owners%20informs%20me%20that%20they’ll%20be%20watching%20your%20actions%20closely%2C%20but%20as%20a%20pro-gun%20Ohioan%20I%20hope%20you%20will%20be%20a%20stalwart%20for%20gun%20owners%20and%20stand%20tall%20against%20the%20swamp%20creatures%20pushing%20this%20agenda.%0A%0AVote%20no%2C%20don’t%20let%20it%20pass%20the%20Judiciary!%0A%0ASincerely%2C%20%0A%0AXXXXX“> Click here to send them both a pre-written email!

IF that link doesn’t work, please copy and paste the email addresses and email text below into your email software and send it that way.

Congressman Chabot and Jordan’s Judiciary Staffers Email Addresses:

[email protected][email protected]

Dear Congressmen Jim Jordan and Steve Chabot, 

The NICS background check doesn’t stop madmen bent on committing murder.

The Las Vegas shooter, Newtown shooter, Fort Hood shooter, Aurora movie theater shooter and the Congressional baseball game shooter are a few of many tragedies that prove that background checks don’t work.

Expanding the NICS system will not result in fewer mass shootings, but it will provide a Pandora’s box that can be opened by an anti-gun administration down the road.

With anti-gun Senators Dianne Feinstein and Chris Murphy pushing this agenda in the Senate, there can be no doubt about this bill’s anti-gun roots.

As a law-abiding Ohio gun owner, I insist that you use your judiciary committee position to vote NO on advancing the “Fix NICS Act” out of the House Judiciary Committee. The place to kill this bill is in the Judiciary committee, NOT the House floor.

Any vote, motion or action to move this legislation to the House floor will be graded as an anti-gun vote!

Ohio Gun Owners informs me that they’ll be watching your actions closely, but as a pro-gun Ohioan I hope you will be a stalwart for gun owners and stand tall against the swamp creatures pushing this agenda.

Vote no, don’t let it pass the Judiciary!



Please don’t wait, Web, call and email them right away!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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