Gun manufacturers’ stock take down turn after election

Supporters of gun control are searching for some consolation after last week’s election, and one slender hope for them are the stocks of gun manufacturers.  Shares declined immediately after Trump was declared the winner and have remained down ever since.

The conditioned response of people who oppose gun rights has been to claim that because fears of sweeping new laws are diminished, gun sales will also be fewer than what was expected for a Clinton presidency.

As readers here will be aware, the standard model for understanding gun owners is to interpret our actions as being out of paranoia.  An example of this is to be found in The Trace, cooperating with The Guardian on the study to be published next year about the number of gun owners and their reasons for owning firearms. Their reading is that we buy guns because we’re afraid of other people, even though being prepared for a violent attack sounds rational to me, especially since the preparation is to stop an attack, not start one.

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