People Have to Die

People Have to Die

The election is over. Hillary Clinton is gone.

But now the rioters and Black Lives Matter thugs have taken to the streets.

If you’re seeing what I’m seeing — violent left-wing mobs vowing destruction and death (on CNN, a rioter called for people to die) — you’ll agree it’s time for a Constitutional Carry law in Ohio.

Ohioans shouldn’t have to pay our government a tax, submit to criminal-like fingerprinting or intrusive BCI background checks just to exercise our Second Amendment rights and protect ourselves.

When the Ohio General Assembly reconvenes in January, you and I must insist our legislators hold an up or down vote on Constitutional Carry legislation in both the House and Senate chambers.

If establishment Republicans fight back against Constitutional Carry, it will be our job to REMOVE them from office in the 2018 primary elections.

Our goal here at Ohio Gun Owners is to have 250,000 signed Constitutional Carry petitions to deliver at the Capitol in January.

Please click here or on the picture below to sign your Petition to Pass Constitutional Carry in Ohio!

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  1. I find it amazing how many gun owners are against a Constitutional Carry. I ask the question, why would the founders want us to ask permission to carry in anyway, own , buy or trade any firearms from the very government they were trying to protect us from?

    I usually get crickets or, the famous, “the constitution is out dated and the founder didn’t realize how more powerful the firearms would get”. My reply is oh, really? Then your speech to make absurd comments is outdated as well, and, the Government has bigger, better more powerful weapons, why should the populace in which the founders were trying to protect us from the more powerful firearm owners from “tyranny”….Again Crickets.

    The ignorance, “brain washing” of history and of the Constitution is very disturbing and a very serious problem for our “republic” if this ship is not righted…


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