Here’s a list of pro-gun candidates

The polls are open, and here’s a list of all of the candidates running in the 2018 Republican Primary who have surveyed 100% pro-gun!

Governor’s Primary – Mary Taylor
OH Sen 1 – Bob Barker
OH Sen 7 – Brad Lamoreaux
OH Sen 13 – Ryan Sawyer
OH Sen 19 – Andrew Brenner
OH House 32 – Marilyn Tunnat
OH House 40 – Phil Plummer
OH House 42 – Sarah Clark, Niraj Antani
OH House 43 – Jeffrey Smith
OH House 51 – Wes Retherford
OH House 53 – Candice Keller
OH House 57 – Dick Stein
OH House 62 – Daniel Kroger
OH House 64 – Randy Law
OH House 65 – John Becker
OH House 67 – Kris Jordan, Brian Lorenz
OH House 72 – Larry Householder, Kevin Black
OH House 74 – Bill Dean
OH House 75 – Jim Lutz
OH House 78 – Ron Hood (Constitutional Carry SPONSOR), Austin Reid
OH House 80 – Jena Powell, JD Winteregg
OH House 81 – Thomas Liebrecht
OH House 83 – Jon Cross
OH House 84 – Travis Faber, Aaron Heilers, Susan Manchester
OH House 85 – Nino Vitale (Stand-Your-Ground SPONSOR)
OH House 86 – Matthew Sammons
OH House 90 – Scottie Powell, Justin Pizzulli, Brian Baldridge
OH House 96 – Bob Mazeroski
OH House 99 – Michael Pircio

The polls are open now, and will close at 7:30pm.

Standard protocol is to let everyone who is in line by 7:30 the chance to vote, so please do everything you can to go vote!

To find your district #, please click HERE.
To find your voting location, please click HERE.

Please also feel free to tune in to the Ohio Gun Owners Facebook Page Livestream at 8:00pm tonight for live coverage of the election results!

We’ll be taking a look at district results in races that have an impact on our gun rights!

Share this list with everyone you know, and go vote pro-gun!

— Chris Dorr

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