RAMROD: Second Hearing Scheduled for Gun-Control Bill!

With the primaries only hours behind us, Governor Kasich isn’t wasting any time resuming his agenda to cram his gun-control bill through the General Assembly!

Web, we just received word that the “Proponent Testimony” on HB585, the gun-control bill by Representative Mike Henne, is likely going to happen this Tuesday, and I need your quick action to help stop it.

Rep Mike Henne – and his commander Governor John Kasich – are running out of time and they know it.

Kasich, Henne and the Senate companion bill sponsor John Eklund are all term-limited and can’t run for reelection.

The same goes for State and Local Government Committee chairwoman Marlene Anielski, whose committee has been tasked by Governor Kasich to ram HB585 through and send to the House for a full floor vote.

It is Anielski’s committee that is holding the anticipated “proponent testimony” this Tuesday.

So we need to lace up our boots and get to work stopping this gun-control bill.

You already know that this bill would destroy due-process for gun owners by creating secret “Red Flags” gun confiscation hearings where a gun owner isn’t even able to offer a defense.

And you know that expanding the failed background check system is only a massive expansion of the federal gun owner database that WILL be used against gun owners in the future (like they are doing in states like Connecticut and Massachusetts) and will not prevent a single shooting.

That’s why we need to double down and DEMAND that your State Representative OPPOSE this gun-grab!

Make no mistake about it. Kasich, Henne, Eklund and Anielski are working overtime to ram this through right now because they’re counting on gun owners having “election fatigue” and not wanting to engage.

That’s why we’re asking you to click the image below to contact your State Representative now and DEMAND that they kill HB585!

Whether you want to call, Facebook message, email or Tweet them, please do it right away.

As you’ll see, the Ohio Gun Owners Action Center Tool makes it very easy to contact your state representative, and we have already done the work for you by pre-writing the messages you’ll send.

Just fill in your information if you haven’t before, and our system will automatically select your own state representative. Once you’ve done that, just select which method of contact you want to use(phone, email, FB or Twitter), press submit and you are finished!

It’s fast, easy and secure, so please don’t wait another moment.

The General Assembly is scheduled to go on summer break soon, but the gun-grabbers in our General Assembly are hell-bent to move it out before the break.

Don’t wait – act now!

For the Second Amendment,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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