Representative Hood Prepares Correction Amendment for HB178 – Your Action NEEDED!

The Second Amendment was written as a prohibition on government, NOT on law abiding gun owners like you.

Believe it or not, there ARE some states in America where the legislatures take that seriously!

That’s why Republican legislative leadership in our neighboring states of Kentucky and West Virginia went to bat for gun owners and delivered the big wins of Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground for their gun owners.

In all, sixteen states have Constitutional Carry and thirty-six states have Stand-Your-Ground law!

And the driving force in all of those states was a fired up, organized and active core of gun owners like you who were shellacking their legislators and demanding those major wins.

Here in Ohio, however, in spite of massive “pro-gun majorities” and “pro-gun leadership,” we don’t have Constitutional Carry OR Stand-Your-Ground law.

The good news is, our army of organized, mobilized gun owners is expanding massively, and I’d stack Ohio gun owners against the gun owners of any state, anywhere, and anytime.

Already this year you forced our General Assembly to pass HB86, the correctional bill that fixed last year’s screwups in HB228, even though they had no intention of doing so.

And already this year you’ve stacked 27 cosponsors onto our Constitutional Carry bill that in previous years was lucky to see 6 or 7.

Gun owners are just beginning to flex our muscles in the Ohio political process and we are becoming more powerful as a grassroots political fighting force every day!

So I’m asking you to engage once again.

Tomorrow morning at 9:30am, the House Federalism Committee is having their 8th committee meeting on HB178, and they need to hear from you.

As you probably saw from last week’s article, Representative Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) joined with 4 radical anti-gun Democrats and two turn-coat Republicans to ram through an amendment to HB178 that, until Ohio passes a Stand-Your-Ground law, could get innocent gun owners killed.

What it would do is force firearms dealers to include a pamphlet notifying every new firearm purchaser that they have a “duty to retreat” under Ohio law if they get attacked by a violent criminal.

The pro-gun representatives on the committee like Representative Ron Hood, Tom Brinkman, Bill Dean, Reggie Stoltzfus and John Becker all voted NO.

Later that afternoon, Speaker of the House Larry Householder (R-Glenford) came out with a statement declaring his opposition to the Koehler Amendment and stated that he had instructed the committee to fix the bill before allowing it to proceed.

Our bill sponsor, Representative Ron Hood, has an amendment drafted that would fix the Koehler betrayal and make HB178 beautiful and clean again, but the committee needs to hear you THUNDER in support if we’re going to be successful at getting it passed.

The committee needs to hear from you right away!

(NOTE: If your email software doesn’t work with this link, please scroll down below my signature to find the addresses, subject line and message body for you to copy and paste into your own email browser)

This committee starts tomorrow morning and time is short, so please click the “Email the Federalism Committee” button above and send your pre-written email to the House Federalism Committee NOW!

When you’re finished, please chip in $20 or $15 to help support Ohio Gun Owners as well.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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Subject Line: Vote YES on the Hood Amendment to HB178!

Message Body: Dear Members of the House Federalism Committee,

I’m writing you to insist you vote YES on Representative Hood’s amendment to HB178 that would fix the mistake made when Representative Kyle Koehler joined with the anti-gun Democrats on the committee to pass his amendment.

Kyle Koehler’s amendment has no place in Ohio politics until Ohio passes a Stand-Your-Ground law.

Representative Hood’s amendment would fix this giant blunder made by Koehler, Representative Green and Representative Smith.

If left intact, Representative Koehler’s horrible addition to HB178 can easily get good people killed by continuing to foist an unnatural “duty to retreat” on lawful people who just want to defend themselves from a violent killer or rapist!

The kind of disrespectful conduct Representative Koehler has shown towards gun owners is precisely what is wrong in Ohio politics.

Gun owners in this state are sick and tired of watching states all across America pass sweeping pro-gun legislation while we get nothing from our “pro-gun” majorities.

Please adopt the Hood amendment and vote HB178 out of the House Federalism Committee and put it on the House floor for a full up-or-down vote.

As a member or supporter of Ohio Gun Owners, we are a growing army of engaged, mobilized 2nd Amendment voters who want bold leadership from our House Republicans without compromising or placating the enemies of our freedom and the Second Amendment.

Thankfully, OGO is closely monitoring the actions of this General Assembly and will be reporting the Assembly’s actions directly back to me and again during Ohio’s election season.