It’s now or never!

Nothing mobilizes gun owners faster than taking our message up on TV, radio and the internet.

That’s just a reality.

And with radical anti-gun candidate Christine Fisher enjoying the support of Bloomberg’s Gun Control groups as they attack staunchly pro-gun candidate Tom Brinkman in the final days of this election cycle, gun owners in Ohio need to stand up!

The fact is, Christine Fisher is the most anti-gun candidate running in this 2-year cycle. She supports every gun control proposal that you can think of.

From “Universal Gun Registration”, to AR-15 bans, to Bumpstock and Standard Capacity magazine bans, to “Red Flag” gun seizure legislation, she wants it all!

On the other hand, Tom Brinkman has done what few legislators have done … that is FIGHT for gun owners by introducing Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law!

He’s not one to just pay lip service to gun owners by talking a good game on the campaign trail and promptly reneging on those promises once safely in office!

If we are ever going to see pro-gun bills advance in Ohio, we need someone in the legislature who is willing to FIGHT for gun owners, NOT legislative leadership.

You know it and I know it.

But we need to make sure that every gun owner in Cincinnati knows it, and fast!

We are already working hard to get the word out by direct mail and email, but we need to kick it up a notch.

That’s why we’ve launched the ad you see below — check it out here.

It was radio and internet ads like this that awakened an army of gun owners earlier this year who went to war against the massive gun-control bills introduced in our General Assembly.

So we know that these ads are effective.

The order has already been placed to blast these ads across the airwaves in Cincinnati, but I need your help to fund them!

Please help fund whatever you can right away!

If the Bloomberg-backed gun control crowd is able to attack Ohio’s leading pro-gun candidate for his support of our freedoms with no push back, they are going to be downright unhinged as we approach the 2019 session.

We need to push back now!

If we can raise just $500, we can push this message to 13,000 gun voters in HD27 before Tuesday morning!

Please help us get this ad up on the air.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Bloomberg-backed gun control hardliner Christine Fisher is going all out as she tries to punish pro-gun Representative Tom Brinkman for BATTLING for gun owners in Columbus!

You and I can’t let her plan to disarm Ohioans remain a secret!

That’s why we have finished production on this ad and are blasting it into Cincinnati, to make sure gun owners have the facts!

Check out the ad here.

We need to get these ads on the computers and phones and tablets of every gun owner in Cincinnati right away! There’s no time to spare.

In fact, if we can raise just $500, we can get this message to 13,000 gun owners between now and Tuesday morning!

Please contribute to our election fund immediately to keep them rolling!

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