Game on, Web

It’s game time.

No, I’m not talking about the Buckeyes, who you probably know lost to the Sooners last Saturday.

What I’m talking about is the legislative session and passing pro-gun bills like HB201, Representative Hood’s Constitutional Carry bill!

As you may remember, gun owners came INCHES away from passing Constitutional Carry through the House Federalism Committee last summer before the politicians vacated Columbus to go on summer break.

But while they may have left town, Ohio Gun Owners never left the field.

We’ve been working overtime all summer long to mobilize more gun owners across the state to get involved in our fight to pass HB201.

We need more players on our side.

Constitutional Carry makes it so anyone who can legally possess a firearm under federal law can carry one without adding their name to a government database or paying expensive fees.

Twelve states have already passed Constitutional Carry into law!

Plummeting violent crime, zero increase in accidental shootings, INCREASES in demand for training. . . these are just some of the benefits these states are now enjoying.

With summer break over for the legislators, it’s time for us gun owners to get back to work, too.

If you didn’t know, major pro-gun bills like Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law have been passing in states all across America.

But our Republican pro-gun “super majorities” in both chambers haven’t passed a major, substantive gun bill in YEARS, and it makes Ohio look bad!

West Virginia passed Constitutional Carry into law last year.

It recently passed the Michigan House.

It’s on the move in Indiana.

Now it is time to get HB201 through the next step – making it out of the House Federalism Committee.

That’s why I’m asking you right now to do two quick things.

First, make sure you’ve already signed the petition to pass Constitutional Carry.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and we need yours to add to the stack we are going to deliver to the politicians in Columbus.

Just click the image below to sign your petition.

We need to collect as many thousands of these as we can, so we appreciate having yours.

Second, please consider chipping in whatever you can afford to help us pressure the House Federalism Committee into passing this legislation.

We came so very close already, and now with even more people aware and with your support, I truly believe we can take this next vital steps in the days ahead.

Whether you can afford $500, $250, $125, $75, $35 or even just $15, every penny you can spare will be put to immediate use.

We’ll be sending out legislative updates like these regularly in the days ahead, so stay tuned.

Until then, please sign the petition for Constitutional Carry and contribute whatever amount you can afford today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. With summer break over and the politicians returning back to the Statehouse, it’s time to refocus on getting HB201 through the House Federalism Committee!

So please read the email above and sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry!

And if you are able, please help us ratchet up the pressure on the Federalism Committee with your financial contribution today!!

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