The Left’s New Gun Control Strategy?

These gun grabbers are getting desperate —

  • They tried passing Governor DeWine’s ‘Strong Ohio’,
  • They tried passing gun control in Ohio’s 2021 state budget bill,
  • And they tried passing ‘Pink Slip’ gun confiscation.

But they FAILED.

Those gun grabbers met the Impenetrable Wall of Freedom that is the members and supporters of Ohio Gun Owners.

This time though, they are changing their strategy.

With the introduction of Senate Bill 357, Matt Dolan and Mike DeWine’s explosive gun control MEGA bill, they are trying something new.

You see, rather than call this bill what it is – a frontal assault on our gun rights – they are labeling this a ‘mental health’ bill, using flowery feel-good language, and hijacking nearly $100 Million Dollars in federal taxpayer money as an excuse to get it done.

Chris and I break down the latest on this newest gun control push and what you can do to stop it in our new video:

Here at OGO, we refuse to let them get the jump on you and me, so that’s why I wanted you to be armed with this information right away.

‘Mental Health’ is an excuse to label God-fearing American Patriots and our veterans as terrorists, fascists, and enemies of the state – guilty of WrongThink. All so they can judge us as mentally unstable and use that as an excuse to confiscate our firearms by adjudication.

Not only that, but the vast majority of the money Mike DeWine and Matt Dolan want to spend will be used to hire the gun control ARMY of the future; psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and other mental health ‘professionals’.

Keep in mind, these are the same ‘professionals’ that are claiming boys can be girls and grooming kids as young as five and six years old for their debauched goals.

And with the upcoming ‘lame duck’ session on the horizon (the session that occurs between the general election and when the new General Assembly is seated in January of 2023), they see this as their chance to stab gun owners in the back on their way out.

That’s why we need to be alert and ready to act.

You see, many politicians who are leaving at the end of the year, or were just booted by their constituents in the elections, are more than willing to support awful legislation like Senate Bill 357 if it means they get an executive appointment or a cushy private sector gig.

And that should scare you.

Because many of these same politicians will never have to face YOU and your vote ever again.

If we want to be successful in stopping this attack on our freedoms and advancing our gun rights, its going to take work.

But that’s where your action comes into play. With your help, we can shut this attack down HARD.

Sign your petition against Matt Dolan & Mike DeWine’s ‘Mental Health’ Gun Control MEGA bill today!

Instead of Republicans sponsoring and pushing gun control openly in our General Assembly, they should be RAMMING the Second Amendment Preservation Act into law!

This bill, modeled after the Missouri passed legislation, stops federal gun control in its tracks by prohibiting state and local law enforcement from enforcing any of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer’s unconstitutional gun control acts!

So send a short pre-written email to your State Representative and State Senator demanding that instead of pushing for gun control, they pass House Bill 62, the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

So please hit those links, check out Chris and I’s video above, and share this information with everyone you know!

Stay frosty and stay free, fellow defenders of liberty.

For Ohio,

Rob Knisley
Political Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. ‘Mental Health’ gun control is headed our way this fall. Here are three easy steps you can take today to help stop it:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Fight Back
  3. Join Us