BREAKING: Second Amendment Preservation Act Introduced!


Ohio Gun Owners’ Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) has been officially introduced in the Ohio House!

Only a few hours ago, Representative Mike Loychik (R-Bazetta) introduced SAPA in the Ohio House of Representatives and the bill is officially recognized as House Bill 51.

And Friend, that means one thing…

The Ohio Second Amendment Preservation Act is ready for prime time!

We will have the bill language for you to read very shortly.

The bill does a lot, but I wanted you to know that it does a couple of main things:

First, it prevents the federal government from commandeering Ohio law-enforcement agencies and forcing them to enforcing federal gun-control laws, executive orders and rule changes.

Ohio law enforcement would no longer be able to be co-opted into being jack-booted enforcement thugs for Joe Biden’s gun-control agenda.

Second, the bill supports constitutional law enforcement officers.

OGO is proud to have many members of this organization that are highway patrol officers, city cops and sheriff’s deputies. This bill make sure they can never be forced by anti-gun mayors, police chiefs or sheriffs to infringe on people’s Second Amendment rights.

Simply put, Ohio cops that Ohio taxpayers pay for will have to enforce Ohio laws, not the fed’s.

And third, House Bill 51 makes it so that pistol braces are not illegal under state law by breaking the coupling of federal and Ohio law.

The ATF’s unconstitutional and lawless pistol brace “rule change” from three weeks ago also becomes a felony violation under Ohio law because, long ago, the Ohio General Assembly codified the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act of 1968 right into the Ohio Revised Code.

House Bill 51 breaks that connection, and by doing that ensures that Ohio’s laws are never again in peril because of something that happens in Washington DC!

OGO has met with the majority of the Ohio Senate Republican caucus and dozens of Ohio House members spreading the word about the ATF pistol brace ruling and what Ohio can do to protect the rights of her citizens from these attacks.

In addition to those efforts, we notified every Republican in the building (via detailed memo) that Ohio gun owners, likely hundreds of thousands of them, face felony charges at the state level if the Ohio General Assembly does not take swift actions.

Now that SAPA has been introduced, we are asking every gun owner and gun rights supporter in Ohio to take action IMMEDIATELY by sending your State Representative and State Senator a pre-written message demanding that they support SAPA and help push it through NOW!

The corrupt ATF has decreed the hard and fast deadline of May 31st as the day they will commence enforcement actions, and that means we need to take swift action!

Please take action and share our action link with everyone you know.

Stand and FIGHT!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Please financially support our efforts to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act HERE.

OGO needs to be prepared to put immediate pressure on targeted legislators, and your financial contributions help us to prepare those efforts in advance to maximize our mobilization efforts.