New Statewide Gun Rights Ad Coming!

The midterm elections are only a couple of weeks away, and the Hate-America Left is massively outspending us.

And as we speak, Everytown for Gun Safety (Michael Bloomberg’s gun control organization) is unloading MILLIONS of dollars worth of saturation-level advertising trying to mobilize the radical Left voting bloc for the elections.

Number one on their agenda?

Making sure Tim Ryan becomes the next US Senator from Ohio.

And we all know why – because Tim Ryan is a gun-control militant of the highest levels and is committed to doing whatever is necessary to eliminate our individual Right to own firearms.

The 2nd Amendment and our Ohio Constitutional freedoms be damned!

The number one reason why Tim Ryan wants to be the next US Senator from Ohio is because he wants to eliminate the filibuster in the US Senate.

With the filibuster gone, a Democrat majority in both chambers of Congress, and Joe Biden licking ice cream in the White House, Democrats in DC will be able to pass whatever they want, including ALL the gun-control bills.

And worse, they will immediately pack the US Supreme Court and destroy freedom in America for generations to come.

Think they won’t?

Ha… they’re counting on it.

I know it. You know it. And they know it.

This is a zero-sum game now. Either we win and keep our country, or they win and destroy everything, and America is over.

There is no middle ground, there is no negotiating, and there is room left for compromise.

That’s why OGO is getting ready to roll out the most aggressive and hardest-hitting political ad of the entire 2022 election cycle exposing Tim Ryan, and we cannot wait to show it to you.

Nobody else in Ohio – no campaign, no candidate, no PAC, no interest group, and no other “gun rights” organization will even come close to hitting the Left as hard as we do in our about-to-be unveiled ad.

The fact is, we need to get every gun owner and every gun voter from every corner of our state to cast a ballot in the upcoming elections.

Because one thing is for sure: we know that, whether by hook or by crook, the gun-grabbing, Hate-America Left will be making sure they’re logging votes come election day.

But while the Left’s organizations have Michael ‘moneybags’ Bloomberg and his billions at their beck and call, we have you, the great people of Ohio that generously fund our fight for freedom.

I know times are tough, and I know the FJB economy is crippling the American economy on a scale we’ve not seen in over a decade.

But I’m asking you to dig deep and help us go toe-to-toe with Michael Bloomberg and his gun-grabbing friends.

We plan to give you a sneak peak of our ad early next week, and the ad will go live statewide mid-to-late next week.

If you can afford to give $500 right now, every dollar you can afford will help OGO get this ad in front of thousands of gun owners and mobilize them to ACTION in the coming elections!


Now, I realize $500 is a lot to ask for most folks.

But if your budget allows you to give $250, $100, $50, $25, 0r even 10 bucks, we can mobilize THOUSANDS of gun owners!

Thank you, in advance, for your continued support of Ohio Gun Owners and our fight for the Second Amendment!

But most importantly, be watching for our newest ad preview to be released early next week, and plan on sharing it with everyone you know!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners