OGO In Total Agreement with DeWine?!

This might sound a little strange, but DeWine and I are in total agreement about something.

But sadly, I’m not talking about Governor DeWine.

This time I’m talking about Ohio Supreme Court Justice and Governor Mike DeWine’s son, Pat DeWine!

On Monday it was reported that Justice Pat DeWine made a speech over the weekend where he told an audience that ever since the Civil War, state constitutions (like Ohio’s) have played second fiddle to the federal government and the US Constitution.

He wants his colleagues on the Ohio Supreme Court and in Ohio’s legal field to increasingly judge their interpretation of the law based on the Ohio constitution, rather than defaulting to the U.S. Constitution.

We could not agree more!

DeWine’s comments coincide nicely with OGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, which prevents Ohio law-enforcement agencies from enforcing federal gun-control laws.

What is more, DeWine’s comments hint that SAPA would possibly be upheld if it were to make its way to the Ohio Supreme Court!

Watch our newest video below to learn more about DeWine’s comments and our fight for SAPA here in Ohio as well as in Missouri.

With the onslaught of Federal tyranny unleashed by the Left ever since they commandeered the White House, and with the wins we have seen in Missouri since they passed a nearly identical bill to Mike Loychik’s House Bill 62, it’s high time to pass it here in Ohio!

It’s no secret that the ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban is only a few RINOs away from passing, and Biden’s bullshit executive orders are already in effect.

The best way for Ohio to stand up and fight back is by passing a SAPA law of our own!

That’s why I’ve also prepared a petition for you to sign telling your politicians in Columbus to pass House Bill 62 this fall and stop Biden’s war on our Second Amendment!


And if you can, please chip in $10 or $15 so we can spread the good news about SAPA to every gun owner in Ohio – getting them engaged and in the fight.

But most importantly, please enjoy the video above (you’re not going to regret it) and hit that button to sign your petition!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners