OGO Action Alert: Contact DeWine NOW!

Yesterday was a big day for gun rights, and a lot happened over the course of the day, so last night I shot a video to give you the play by play on everything that happened:

To be very clear, the Ohio General Assembly did NOT deliver on their “pro-gun” campaign promises at a level that gun owners are entitled to.

To the extent that we finally got a bare-bones version of Constitutional Carry passed out of the General Assembly, they only did it kicking and screaming after OGO members’ herculean levels of political pain.

Quite frankly, the Ohio General Assembly’s Republican super-majority still owes a massive debt to gun owners, and we intend to collect on that debt.

But with SB215’s version OF Constitutional Carry out of the General Assembly and no longer able to be enhanced, tweaked, amended or made better, OGO is executing our prepared operation to make sure every gun owner in the state is pressuring him to sign SB215 into law!

And we need all hands on deck.

And we all know why.

Governor DeWine’s signature on SB215 is absolutely NOT guaranteed.

In Congress, DeWine earned an “F” rating by the NRA for voting to remove immunity and let gun-control organizations sue firearms manufacturers.

As a US Senator, DeWine joined Dianne Feinstein in 2004 to reintroduce the “Clinton Assault Weapons Ban.”

After the Dayton, OH shootings in August of 2019, DeWine launched at blitzkrieg assault on firearm freedoms by calling for “assault weapon” ban and high-capacity magazine bans.

DeWine paired up with State Senator Matt Dolan to author SB221, his “Strong Ohio” gun-control bill that was essentially Red Flag Gun Confiscation on steroids.

But when gun owners promptly submarined his gun-control agenda and instead demanded that DeWine sign the repeal of Ohio’s “Duty to Retreat” law, he signed it.

And that’s why Ohio Gun Owners is going to do what we do best – mobilize gun owners and put MAXIMUM pressure on DeWine to sign the bill!

So after you’ve seen my video, please take a moment to send Governor DeWine a pre-written email and call his office urging him to sign SB215 into law IMMEDIATELY!

<<< Tell DeWine: “Sign Constitutional Carry!” >>>

It’s easy, it is quick, and it is brutally effective.

SB215’s signing into law is only the first step – but it is actually a real step forward.

You see, back when Buckeye Firearms Association was relevant, it was standard practice for them to agree to objectively anti-gun compromises “in order to get the bill passed.”

Thanks to the good work of OGO’s thousands of members, we were able to fight off every attempt to destroy the bill with a poison pill, and SB215 actually moves forward without stepping back.

We can FINALLY put an end to the practice of letting an increasingly corrupt government license our freedoms – IF we can get DeWine to sign it.

That’s why we have to generate a tsunami of pressure, and we have to do it fast.

OGO is launching a massive ad campaign all across Ohio, and we are prepared to do a whole lot more if we have the resources.

So after you’ve taken action, please also consider making a generous contribution to help us take full advantage of our pressure campaign on Governor DeWine, making sure he signs Constitutional Carry!


For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners