OGO Releases First Ad in US Senate Primary

We are under three weeks away from the May 3 Republican primary to decide who will replace Rob Portman to represent us in Washington D.C.

One of the candidates running in the crowded Republican field is Matt Dolan.

Matt Dolan’s record on gun rights is abominable, and he’s never apologized for it.

That’s why we just released this ad in the US Senate race:

Josh Mandel, on the other hand, filled out our survey 100% in favor of your gun rights!

But here’s some facts about Matt Dolan.

Dolan REFUSES to fill out his 2022 Ohio Gun Owners candidate survey.

He simply won’t go on record on the federal-level gun rights issues we know he’s going to face if he gets elected.

But far worse than that, as a State Senator Matt Dolan introduced Mike DeWine’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill in 2019, attempting to leverage the Dayton, OH murders in order to advance a massive gun-control bill.

To this very day, Dolan has never held a press conference to apologize for that massive attack on our gun rights, and he dang well should.

(NOTE: Dolan and his family own the Cleveland Guardians, and they totally buckled to the woke left by removing the Indian’s name and removing Chief Wahoo, too!)

Please watch our video above.

And if you see Dolan on the campaign trail, tell him to make it right with gun owners and apologize for his massive attacks on gun owners, and fill out his 2022 OGO candidate survey now.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners