Ohio Alert: Constitutional Carry’s Path Forward

Please read the below email for an update on Constitutional Carry in the Ohio Senate.

Rob and I spent the day meeting with Senators and staff, gathering info and gauging support for Constitutional Carry.

You can watch our full recap from the Statehouse (including a surprise guest!) here:

As you’ll remember, Constitutional Carry (HB227) passed the House and was sent over to the Senate. 

Just last week the bill was referred to the Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee, chaired by Senator Frank Hoagland, for hearings.

And as we learned from our time in the Senate today, we have some roadblocks to overcome.

But that’s where you come in.

Please send your State Senator a pre-written message telling them to support Constitutional Carry, ignore the haters and do their jobs just like you did so beautifully in the House chamber!

If you and I can put enough pressure on the Senate, I know we will be successful.

This ain’t our first rodeo, and it damn sure won’t be our last.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Rob and I were at the Statehouse today meeting with Senators and members of the Veterans and Public Safety committee about Constitutional Carry.

As always there are some roadblocks that gun owners need to deal with.

The Ohio Senate has been handed the gun-rights baton, and now its on them to do their jobs and pass Constitutional Carry!

We have the votes and Governor DeWine will very likely sign it.

So check out our live video from the Statehouse HERE, and then take action for Constitutional Carry by sending your Senator a pre-written email NOW!