Ohio ALERT: Kasich Holds Gun-Control Press Conference

I have very bad news.

Please read this email and take action right away!

A few hours ago, Governor John Kasich held a press conference at the Statehouse and outlined a 6-pronged plan of attack for passing gun-control through our Statehouse!

Making sure everybody understood his proposal is a STARTING point, his proposal would include:

1. Banning bumpstocks.

2. Expanding the failed background check system.
– The background check system hasn’t stopped ANY mass killers.
– It massively expands the scope of data being collected and centralized by government.
– This same system has been tracked by Gun Owners of America to categorically strip the Second Amendment Rights of over 265,000 veterans!

3. Create “gun-violence protection orders” that would easily be amended by anti-gunners in committee to include gun-confiscation at ex parte hearings where a gun owner wouldn’t even be present!

4. Outlaw buying firearms as gifts, even for people who are legally able to purchase firearms.

But as Kasich stated, this is his starting point.

In fact, during the question and answer phase afterwards, Kasich fleshed out that he expects legislators to go deeper.

He stated his clear optimism that the General Assembly will use this as a virtual Christmas tree, loading it up with “universal background checks,” “magazine bans,” a statewide gun registry, raising the age limit for firearms purchases and of course, “emergency red flag orders” to destroy due process.

To make matters worse, he revealed that House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and Senate President Larry Obhoff are in agreement and are already strategically selecting sponsors to make it seem as if pro-gun legislators are all on board.

Web, this is an absolute RED ALERT.

Gun owners in Ohio have never faced a bigger fight to defend our rights than we do at this moment.

And we don’t have much time to waste.

Turncoat Governor Kasich even said “we aren’t going to wait long… we’re gonna do this quick.”

That’s why I’m asking you right now to make an emergency contribution to Ohio Gun Owners right away.

If we’re going to be successful in beating this attack back, we need to more people involved than we do now.

We need to have more money for radio, so media and digital video ads than we do now.

Every single penny we can raise now will be equal hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of additional gun owners like you and me that will help us call, email and message the politicians in Columbus to DEMAND they leave our rights alone!

I can’t stress to you how dangerously close we are to an outright disaster.

We are going to have action items for you in the coming days, but please contribute whatever amount you can afford IMMEDIATELY!

If you are not already a member of Ohio Gun Owners, your membership would be greatly appreciated as well.

For Freedom Level Membership signups, we’re including a free Ohio Gun Owners T-shirt as well!

Whatever level you choose is up to you, but please become a member today!

With our Republican, “pro-gun majorities” crumbling before our eyes, it’s up to gun owners to stand tall and FIGHT.

Ohio Gun Owners is committed to doing whatever we need to do, going to wherever we need to go, to STOP this gun-control assault.

So please join with us by becoming a member or making your most generous contribution right away!

For Freedom, 

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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