UPDATE on SB260, Kasich’s Gun-Ban Legislation – and MORE gun-control about to be introduced!

I wanted to give you all an update on Senate Bill 260, the gun-ban being pushed in the Ohio Senate.

As you know, SB260 would outright BAN firearms – all the way down to a simple Ruger 10/22 – if they can even accept a 10-round magazine!

Not only that, but virtually every modern sporting rifle and pistol that you use to defend yourself and your family would be banned.

Make no mistake about it, gun owners need to CRUSH this bill with a vengeance.

Gun owners need to send a loud and clear message to the Statehouse that attacks against our Second Amendment will be aggressively prosecuted, especially at election time!

Right now we’re waiting for the bill to be referred to committee.

The Senate Rules committee will take up the bill on Wednesday, February 28 at 11:00am and refer it to a committee that will be tasked with deciding whether to advance it or whether to kill it.

Once we know which committee that is, we will be rolling out an ACTION CENTER email campaign, loading it up with pre-written messages to YOUR legislators so that you can make your voices thunder in the halls of the Statehouse in opposition to SB260!

But that isn’t the only gun-control the gungrabbers in our Statehouse are trotting out, Web.

Our contacts in the Statehouse are telling us to get ready for a whole other round of gun-control bills in addition to SB260!

It is too early to confirm the particulars, but we are hearing that one of them may be an “emergency red flags order” bill that would allow for gun-confiscation at “ex-parte” hearings, where a gun owner could lose their Second Amendment rights at a hearing where they aren’t even present to offer a defense!

Another bill we’re hearing about is a straight-up gun-control bill disguised as “mental health” reform.

Make no mistake about it, the gun-grabbers in BOTH parties in Columbus smell blood in the water, and they’re mobilizing their troops to launch attacks on the Second Amendment.

And with Republicans falling in line across the nation right now, we have to treat every threat, every gun-control bill, every statement of support by our politicians with extreme seriousness.

Once we hear what Committee SB260 is refferred to, we will update you with an ACTION CENTER update where you’ll be able to jump in on the fight!

Until then, you can make sure you’ve signed the petition against the Kasich Gun Ban by clicking on the image below.

Also, if you’re not already a member, please join up with Ohio Gun Owners TODAY!

We’ve got several large-scale programs underway right now mobilizing gun-owners statewide to help kill SB260.

We have an ACTION ALERT prepared and ready for deployment on the committee the moment we learn which committee SB260 is sent to.

But just as important, we’re in the middle of a massive campaign to identify and mobilize over 100,000 additional pro-gun voters from every corner of Ohio to join us in this fight to defend our gun rights!

We’re doing this because we know for certain that Bloomberg’s militants are doing it, too. Aggressively.

If we’re going to be successful in defeating gun-control and ultimately passing pro-gun bills like Stand-Your-Ground, we need an overwhelming army of grassroots gun owners who are active, mobilized, organized and engaged.

Ohio Gun Owners is working hard to do just that, but these programs take resources.

Your memberships and contributions are how we finance these efforts.

So if you’re already a member, we can’t thank you enough for your help in these efforts.

If you’re not a member, please become one today!

As you’ll see, Freedom Level memberships at $75 include a free T-shirt that say proudly, “Defend the Second” on them!

Whatever level you choose, we thank you for your support!

For Freedom, 

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P. S. If you’re already a member and want to make an additional contribution, please click the image below!

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