Ohio’s Constitutional Carry Law Details

Starting TODAY, June 13, 2022, Ohio Gun Owners’ Juneteenth, it is legal in Ohio to carry a concealed handgun without having to beg for government permission. Senate Bill 215 was signed into law recognizing the Constitutional right of Ohioans 21 and over who are legally allowed to have a handgun to be able to carry that handgun with no license, fee, or government red tape required.

Here’s a further breakdown of the new law and what you need to know about it:

  • The Concealed Handgun License (CHL) is now optional: As it was before today, Ohioans were required to obtain a CHL, which required firearm safety training, taking an exam, and applying for a license with the local county sheriff’s office. Ohio will still offer the CHL license to anyone who wants it, but it won’t be required for concealed carrying, and those who obtain a CHL won’t be legally required to carry their license as they are travel around Ohio with their handgun. 
  • The law applies to what are referred to as ‘qualifying’ adults: The rules for concealed carry in Ohio without a license are the same as concealed carry with a license. That means, you have to be at least 21 years old, not be charged with or convicted of a felony, or prohibited from possessing a firearm for any other reason under state or federal law and meet other qualifications under Ohio law. The Ohio Attorney General has put together a full manual on this as well. However, if your criminal record has been sealed, the information in that record cannot disqualify you from taking advantage of your Constitutional right to carry. 
  • No more ‘promptly’ notifying/informing police: Starting today, Ohio gun owners will no longer have to ‘promptly’ inform a police officer about a firearm you are carrying or have in your vehicle. However, Ohioans are required to respond to an officer if the officer asks whether you are carrying a gun (and only the first officer, not every officer on the scene as was the case). 
  • No residency requirements in the law: The law does not have a residency requirement, so any resident or nonresident of Ohio can take advantage of this law and carry a concealed handgun as long as they are a ‘qualifying’ adult. 
  • The law only pertains to handguns: The law only allows the concealed carrying of handguns and pistols (yes, even braced pistols). It does NOT apply to any rifle or long gun. 
  • Changes to the transportation laws: Because Constitutional Carry applies to only handguns, Ohioans who the law applies to will be able to carry a concealed loaded handgun or pistol on them in their vehicle or somewhere in the cab of the vehicle without a license required. However, since the bill does not apply to long guns, any rifle and long gun will have to be unloaded and cased with the ammo in a separate compartment of the vehicle as is current law. 
  • No change to where Ohioans can conceal carry: Due to the 1990 Federal Gun-Free School Zones (criminal safe zones) Act, a CHL is still required in order to keep a concealed handgun in your car in a school zone. Otherwise, the same CHL rules for carry and no-carry zones still apply for CHL holders and Constitutional Carriers alike. Property owners in Ohio still have the right to make their property gun free zones if they wish and Ohioans will still need to get permission from the governing board of a place of worship to carry in those places.

While this law is not everything we wanted, it is a step in the freedom direction for all Ohioans.

Make no mistake it is precisely because of the years-long work of Ohio Gun Owners members and supporters that we get to enjoy this new law today.

Ohio Gun Owners is just getting started.

OGO will continue to advocate and go on offense for our gun rights in Ohio until our Second Amendment freedoms are fully restored.

Enjoy this freedom, Ohioans. You EARNED it!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners