ACTION ALERT: Ohio Supreme Court Proposes Rule Change to Destroy Second Amendment

ACTION ALERT: Ohio Supreme Court Proposes Rule Change to Destroy Second Amendment

This is an Ohio Gun Owners ACTION ALERT for the entire state of Ohio.

The Ohio Supreme Court is proposing a judicial rules change that would fundamentally alter the Second Amendment by stripping the legislative branch of its power to protect due process and instead instituting judicial gun-confiscation by decree.

The public comment period ends Friday, which means gun owners like you and me from across Ohio need to THUNDER our opposition – and quickly!

Please read this article and take IMMEDIATE action below!

The Ohio Supreme Court proposed “Rules of Superintendence” rule change for Ohio courts would:

  • Disarm and force those subject to a civil protection order to surrender firearms, ammunition, and concealed handgun license to law enforcement; and
  • Remove the requirement for evidence that a firearm was threatened to be used, used, or brandished before ordering firearms removed; and
  • Empower the courts to seize Concealed Handgun Licenses – a power that ONLY Ohio Sheriffs possess; and
  • Erase entirely the procedure for someone to go about getting their firearms back; and
  • Allow law-enforcement to destroy or “dispose” of confiscated firearms upon expiration of a civil protection order WITHOUT giving them back to the owner; and
  • Create a firearms database of anyone named as a respondent in a civil protection order; and
  • DESTROY the constitutional authority of the Ohio General Assembly to protect due process or create boundaries for the judicial branch; and
  • Elevate the Ohio Supreme Court to the highest, most powerful branch of government in Ohio.

Please note that there are several kinds of protection orders: Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Orders, Criminal Protection Orders, Civil Protection Orders and Civil Stalking or Sexually Orientated Offense Protection Order.

A civil protection order (CPO) does NOT always mean that firearms rights are forfeit and can often be as simple as a court ordering a spouse to get marital counseling.

Or a CPO can be as simple as a court ordering a spouse to allow the other spouse to continue using the family minivan until a divorce is settled.

Ohio courts have historically been in compliance with the rules set forward by our General Assembly and required that in cases of CPO’s where confiscation of firearms is sought that there be sufficient “nexus” or evidence that a firearm was used or threatened to be used before a person is ordered to surrender their 2A rights.

This rules change destroys the need for evidence whatsoever, allowing even for an accusation to be made by someone after their first date to have someone’s guns taken away from them.

In other words, this is John Kasich’s Red-Flags gun confiscation on STEROIDS, via judicial decree.

The public comment period for this withering attack on our 2nd Amendment freedoms ends this Friday – so you must act quickly!


Please click HERE to send a pre-written email in opposition to Diana Ramos-Reardon, the policy Counsel for the Supreme Court of Ohio!

Please make sure to fill in your information at the bottom of the email, and if that email address bounces, here is an alternate email address: [email protected]

If the link above isn’t compatible with your email browser, please copy and paste the email address, subject line and message body provided below into your own email software and send it that way.

Don’t wait – act NOW, and then forward this article to all of your friends and ask them to do likewise!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners.

P.S. If the pre-written link above doesn’t work with your email browser, please copy and paste the info below into your own email software!

(Please remember to personalize your email by filling in your contact info at the bottom of the email)

And if you can, please consider chipping in $25 to help us get gun owners across Ohio to join our fight against this proposal!

Email Address:
[email protected], [email protected][email protected]

Subject Line:
OPPOSE and RETRACT the proposed “Rules for Superintendence”

Message Body:
Dear Supreme Court of Ohio and Diana Ramos-Reardon,

The proposed “Rules of Superintendence” rule change for Ohio courts is an unconstitutional attack on the Constitutional Rights of Ohioans.

These proposed changes set up a registration scheme, would pave the way towards firearms confiscation by judicial decree, and undermine our 2nd and 5th Amendment rights as Americans.

What’s more, this is an embarrassing politicization of Ohio’s courts to advance an agenda that seeks to undermine the fabric of American jurisprudence.

Due-process and equality under the law is a legal principle that makes America the envy of the world – but this rules change destroys that.

I take my constitutional freedoms seriously, and to have those freedoms undermined by the very courts that are supposed to protect those rights is insulting in the extreme.

Please vote against adopting this rules change.


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  1. No more regulation. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Get it yet? #nocompromise


  2. We the people demand that you stay out of our 2nd Amendment Rights. We will not sit quietly by while you slowly turn Ohio into California! Always Trump! Trump 2020


  3. Our constitutional rights are what makes this beautiful country the best place on earth. They shall not be infringed upon.


  4. I oppose your “RULES CHANGE” to the 2nd ammendment.


  5. I’ve been a gun owner for 30 years.. Not one of my firearms have ever hurt anyone that didn’t need to be hurt by law. The “gun problem” we have in America isn’t in fact a gun problem It’s a people problem. The hearts of some people are tainted by evil.


  6. Contact the governor (asshat) and state and US representatives as well. The more pressure that is applied the better


  7. Please support gun owners. The freedoms of law abiding citizens should come first. We have too many gun lawas now that are not in forced.


  8. This is clearly a case of proposed overreach by the Ohio Supreme Court and violates the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I am opposed to this proposed action by the court.


  9. I will not support anyone who supports violating the US Constitution and restrict gun rights. I believe the words, “Shall not be infringed upon” or similar are adjacent to the right to own and bare arms. This is fairly simple unless you add or take away words, then it can read anyway you desire. Please do not rid a right to self protection and believe it or not, world peace. We (US) have not been attacked because of the overwhelming amount of civilian guns. Besides I would rather be killed by a gun than a knife or ball bat.


  10. Votr No. Don’t just arm criminals. We believe in our 2nd amendment.


  11. This goes against a lot of my values I strongly oppose this amendment to the fullest.


  12. Our rights are guaranteed by the Constitution, and must not be violated!


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