Pass Teacher Carry for Ohio!

The murders in Uvalde, TX again proved that killers always use gun control to their advantage: ‘Gun Free Zones,’ magazine limits, Red Flag laws, and background checks did nothing to stop the killer!

President Biden, Congress, celebrities, Ohio’s General Assembly and even our Governor are all protected by people with guns because guns are fabulous tools to use for stopping bad guys.

But how do most schools protect our most precious resource, our kids? They’re “protected” by signs that say, “Gun Free Zone!”

It’s criminal negligence to keep this system in place. Gun-free zones get innocent people killed because cowards target these criminal-safe-zones to kill kids.

We’ve had enough, and it is time for the Ohio General Assembly to make this right.

State Representative Thomas Hall’s HB99 would allow teachers and other qualified staff to get training and carry a firearm so that they can defend our precious kids and send school shooters straight to hell!

HB99 has already passed out of the Ohio House and is sitting stalled in the Ohio Senate!

Please send your State Senator a PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL using our automated platform. Make sure they know that you DEMAND that they pass HB99 IMMEDIATELY and send it to Governor DeWine for signing.


Take action today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. While corrupt politicians are on their soap boxes beating the drums for gun control with armed guards surrounding them, the only thing ‘protecting’ our kids in school are signs that say, “Gun Free Zone!”

We’ve had enough.

That’s why I am asking you to take action right away by sending your State Senator a pre-written email demanding they pass State Rep. Thomas Hall’s HB 99 IMMEDIATELY!


And after you’ve sent your email, I hope you’ll make a generous donation to help Ohio Gun Owners fight this battle in the Senate for our kids’ sake!