Personal Video from Chris Dorr

If you’ve already renewed your membership in Ohio Gun Owners for 2022, or if you are a Lifetime member of Ohio Gun Owners, feel free to disregard this email and the video below.

But if you haven’t renewed your OGO membership yet, I hope you’ll take 1 minute and watch the summary video that I just produced outlining the three big fights that gun owners are facing — and why your support has never been more necessary!

Watch the video hereor by clicking below.

National gun groups love to raise money from Ohioans, but they are total ‘no-shows’ when gun owners count on them to fight for the Second Amendment during session or during the elections.

That’s why your support is crucial. We fight for Ohioans. Period.

So please renew your membership for 2022 right away — so that we can prepare for the fights that we know are coming!


Many people like to talk about fighting for freedom, but they don’t actually do anything. As a member of OGO, you are directly engaged in this fight, and I’m honored to stand alongside of you as we safeguard freedom for the next generation! 

If you’ve already renewed for 2022, thank you. But as you can see, we are facing a massive year and if you want to make a special donation to help fund any of the programs that we are going to be running, you can do so here.

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. There are big fights coming in 2022 for gun owners and to make sure you know what’s at stake, Ohio Gun Owners produced a 1-minute summary video that I hope you’ll watch right away.

If you haven’t renewed your membership for 2022, please do so right away, now that you know what’s at stake.


Thank you, in advance, for helping Ohio Gun Owners continue to lead the fight for freedom here in Ohio!