SAPA Opponent Hearing Recap

I’m back at OGO HQ from the Ohio Statehouse, and I’ve got some thoughts about today’s opponent hearing on House Bill 51, the Second Amendment Preservation Act.

As you can probably imagine, red shirt radicals from Moms Demand (some) Action, their emasculated ‘men’ and anti-gun prosecutors filled half of the committee room. (honestly, I was a little underwhelmed)

Immediately someone from the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office was called up to testify and peddled fake news to the committee about how SAPA will obliterate the prosecutor’s ability to share information and lock up criminals.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, Rep. Jon Cross (R-Kenton), snapped back with truth bombs from the bill itself, refuting those claims!

Chairman Bob Peterson also asked a great question of the prosecutor, getting them to admit that their responsibility is to enforce state and local laws, not federal law – basically negating the whole reason for his testimony!

I also heard commie mommy after commie mommy try to claim that this bill is a permitless carry bill – which is totally dumb.

Surely they remember how OGO Nation hammered that bill through the General Assembly last session!

Other enemies to freedom who disgraced the halls of this committee were the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association and the Brady Campaign – who campaigns nationwide about how to disarm America so they can turn our beautiful country into a communist hellhole!

Some red shirt radicals brought up the disgraceful opinion on SAPA from the Missouri District Court last week as some kind of slam dunk against the bill.

Folks, that opinion was so bad and poorly written, that Judge Andrew Napolitano called it one of the worst decisions he had ever read.

Judge Napolitano even went on to say that if the Federal District Court Judge was a student of his, he would have flunked him for writing such garbage!

The truth is, I haven’t felt as much hot air and heard as much word vomit as I heard today sitting in the committee room.

But this I know for certain – we’ve gotta fight back and fight back HARD!

They brought their ‘best’ today, but I know OGO Nation is better.

That just means we’ve gotta clap back with TEN TIMES the action!

Some red shirt commie mommies even had the audacity to claim that because gun owners have to work for a living, and couldn’t show up in droves to the committee last week, or because there aren’t co-sponsors on HB51, that it somehow proves that there isn’t any support for SAPA.

We know that’s total garbage, but let’s prove them wrong.

That’s why I’m requesting that you send even more emails to the committee demanding they bring up House Bill 51 for a vote immediately, and refuse ANY weakening amendments to the bill HERE!

For more information on the committee and some live updates from the committee room, check out our Facebook page!

Take action today and stay tuned for more updates later.

— Rob Knisley, Political Director